Bimbo Jones

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Bimbo Jones
Also known as Dead Stereo, Element, Miami Calling
Origin London, United Kingdom
Genres Electronic dance music
Years active 2006 (2006)–present
Members Lee Dagger
Marc JB
Katherine Ellis

Bimbo Jones is a UK dance music group consisting of Lee Dagger (producer), Marc JB (producer) and Katherine Ellis (vocalist). They are most known for their remix work and white label releases, such as a remix of Meck's 2006 UK No. 1 single "Thunder in My Heart Again". Their songs are also used on the Formula 1 channel. The group has also produced under the aliases Dead Stereo, Element and Miami Calling.



  • Harlem One Stop
  • Go Naked (Go Naked)


  • "Harlem One Stop" [2008]
  • "Don't Want Me No More" [2008]
  • "And I Try" (feat. Katherine Ellis) [2009]
  • "Freeze" [2009]
  • "Sweet Like Chocolate" (vs. Sharon Woolfe)
  • "Questions?" [2010]
  • "See You Later" (feat. Ida Corr) [2012]
  • "Everything that I Got" (feat. Kristine W) [2012]
  • "I Can't Get You Out of My Mind" (with KC and the Sunshine Band) [2013]
  • "When I Walk In" (with Cyko Logic) [2013]
  • "Tell It to My Heart" (with Jason Walker) [2014]
  • "I Found Out" (with Beverley Knight) [2014]
  • "Bad Halo" (with Inaya Day) [2016]
  • "I'm Feeling You" (with KC and the Sunshine Band) [2016]



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