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Binaca is an under garment brand that is manufactured and marketed in India by Kiran Textiles.

Binaca is an oral hygiene brand that is marketed in India and owned by Dabur.[1]


Binaca inner wears was launched in 1982 by Gopal Ji Gupta under the trade name Kiran Textiles since then it has been a pioneer brand of under garments and other textile items in north and central india and is eyeing its spot in the top 10 brands of under garments in India.

Binaca toothpaste was launched in 1951–52 as a toothpaste brand Binaca Top.[2] It sponsored an extremely popular music show on Radio Ceylon and later on All India Radio, Binaca Geetmala which was hosted by noted radio personality Ameen Sayani.[3][4] It was owned by Reckitt Benckiser which sold it to Dabur in 1996 for 12 million (US$190,000).[5][6]

Post acquisition[edit]

Since its launch an entire range of Under garments and outer garments have been developed catering the needs of Men, Women and Children

In 2016 Kiran Textiles entered the market of casual wears along with winter wears, since then there has been a considerable growth in terms of sales figure and brand value of the brand Binaca.

Dabur initially launched a toothpowder under the Binaca brand but withdrew within a year as sales volumes were low. Dabur appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers to sell the Binaca brand in 2002 and was looking at a valuation of approximately 200 million (US$3.1 million). However, after it was unable to sell the brand at the price it expected, it announced that it would revive it by marketing a new herbal toothpaste under the Binaca brand.[5][7] Currently, Dabur markets toothbrushes under the Binaca brand.

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