Binah (magazine)

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Frequency Weekly
Publisher Ruth Lichtenstein
Year founded 2006
First issue Elul 2006
Company Binah Magazine Corporation
Country United States
Based in Brooklyn, New York
Language English
ISSN 1752-2900
OCLC number 77487511

Binah (Hebrew: בינה‎‎, "Insight") is a Jewish women's magazine published weekly by Binah Magazine Corporation, a subsidiary of Hamodia Publishing Corporation. It debuted in Elul 2006.

Binah features articles appealing to Jewish women, including family matters, health, recipes, short stories and serialized novels.[1] It is known for its full-color, glossy pages and its coverage of topics not usually discussed in mainstream Orthodox Jewish publications,[2] such as divorce, single-parenting, home budgeting, and medical conditions. Its articles often create a buzz in Orthodox circles and online blogs. For example, a 2012 article on summer camp security led to a summer-camp inspection by New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind and New York State Senate hopeful Simcha Felder (he was elected to office a few months later) at Camp Agudah in upstate New York.[3]

Binah's first food editor, Estee Kafra, spun off her weekly kosher recipe column into two cookbooks, Spice It Right[4] and Cooking With Color.[5]


Each issue of Binah includes fiction, poetry, and serialized novels. Novels originally serialized in Binah and Binah Bunch have been published by mainstream Jewish book publishers. These include:

  • Dual Dilemmas[6]
  • Full Harvest[7]
  • Pass or Fail[8]
  • Shortchanged[9]

Binah Bunch/Binah BeTween[edit]

Binah also produces the two-sided Binah Bunch Clubhouse/Binah BeTween glossy magazine for children and young teens, which is distributed together with the women's magazine.

Binah is distributed in the United States, England and Israel.


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