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Binary means composed of two pieces or two parts and may refer to:



  • Binary code, the digital representation of text and data
  • Binary-coded decimal, a method for encoding for decimal digits in binary sequences
  • Binary file, composed of something other than human-readable text
  • Binary image, a digital image that has only two possible values for each pixel
  • Binary prefix, a prefix attached before a unit symbol to multiply it by a power of 2, e.g. Kbyte
  • Binary tree, a computer tree data structure in which each node has at most two children
  • Executable, a type of binary file that contains machine code for the computer to execute


  • Binary compound, a chemical compound containing two different chemical elements
  • Binary fission, the splitting of a single-celled organism into two daughter cells
  • Binary star, a star system with two stars in it
  • Binary planet, two planetary bodies of comparable mass orbiting each other
  • Binary asteroid, two asteroids orbiting each other
  • Gender binary, the classification of sex and gender into two distinct and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine


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