Binbir Gece

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Binbir Gece
Binbir Gece cover.jpg
Also known as
  • Thousand and One Nights
  • Las mil y una noches
Written by
  • Yildiz Tunç
  • Mehmet Bilal
  • Murat Lütfü
  • Ethem Yekta
Directed by Kudret Sabancı
Country of origin Turkey
Original language(s) Turkish
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 90
Executive producer(s) Erol Avci
Original network Kanal D
Original release October 7, 2006 (2006-10-07) – May 12, 2009 (2009-05-12)
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Binbir Gece (English: One Thousand and One Nights) is a soap opera revolving around four Turkish characters, Sehrazat, Onur, Kerem, Bennu. The story is loosely based on the story One Thousand and One Nights, better known as Arabian Nights. It stars Halit Ergenç as Onur, his wife Bergüzar Korel as Şehrazat (they married after the finale), Tardu Flordun as Kerem and Ceyda Düvenci as Bennu.


The title is the name of the story better known to the English - speaking world as Arabian Nights. The film's storyline is loosely based on the story, containing references thereto.[2]


Şehrazat is an aspiring architect who is in desperate need for money to pay for the treatment of her son, Kaan, who is suffering from leukemia. After pleading to borrow money from several sources, she is stuck with her boss, Onur, who agrees to give her the money she needs for Kaan's treatment on the condition that she spends a night with him.

Series overview[edit]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 29 October 7, 2006 (2006-10-07) June 19, 2007 (2007-06-19)
2 37 September 11, 2007 (2007-09-11) June 3, 2008 (2008-06-03)
3 24 September 16, 2008 (2008-09-16) May 12, 2009 (2009-05-12)


  • Halit Ergenç as Onur Aksal
  • Bergüzar Korel as Sehrazat Eviliyaoglu
  • Ceyda Düvenci as Bennu Ataman
  • Tardu Flordun as Kerem Inceoglu
  • Mehmet Polat as Erdal Karayolcu
  • Canan Ergüder as Eda Akinay
  • Efe Çinar as Kaan Eviliyaoglu
  • Meral Çetinkaya as Feride Aksal
  • Aytaç Öztuna as Seval Inceoglu
  • Mert Firat as Burak Inceoglu
  • Yeliz Akkaya as Melek Ataman
  • Sebnem Köstem as Handan
  • Nihat Ileri as Semih Özsener
  • Duygu Çetinkaya as Sezen Özsener
  • Metin Çekmez as Burhan Eviliyaoglu
  • Tomris Incer as Nadide Eviliyaoglu
  • Ergün Demir as Ali Kemal Eviliyaoglu
  • Yonca Cevher Yenel as Füsun Eviliyaoglu
  • Füsun Kostak as Yansel
  • Bartu Küçükçaglayan as Gani
  • Feyzan Çapa / Gizem Günes as Buket Eviliayoglu
  • Hazal Gürel as Burcu Eviliyaoglu
  • Nehir Nil Karakaya as Burcin Eviliyaoglu
  • Metin Belgin as Zafer Gündüzalp
  • Merih Ermakastar as Mert
  • Ayla Algan as Betül
  • Melahat Abbasova as Mihriban
  • Suphi Tekniker as Yalcin
  • Zeynep Konan as Zeynep
  • Nihan Durukan as Aysen
  • Ayce Abana as Beyza
  • Nuray Uslu as Sevgi
  • Feridun Düzagaç as Özcan
  • Ismail Düvenci as Ismail
  • Teoman Kumbaracibasi as Yaman
  • Sennur Kaya as Firdevs
  • Ebru Aykaç as Yasemin
  • Erdal Bilingen as Hakan
  • Karina Gükrer as Nihmet
  • Nazli Ceren Argon as Ayse
  • Hazel Çamlidere as Ahu
  • Ayben Erman as Neriman
  • Alptekin Serdengeçti as Haldun
  • Dilara Kavadar as Nilüfer
  • Nilüfer Silsupur / Ahu Sungur as Jale / Sema
  • Ege Aydan as Engin
  • Ezgi Asaroglu as Duru


Binbir Gece was a hit in Chile, where its success resulted in many Chileans naming their babies Onur (boys) & Sheherzadae (girls). It played in the United States,Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. It was a hit in Russia in the Turkish Drama Category.[3][4][5][6][7][8] The show was picked up by Netflix in the United States, but curiously only the first 49 episodes as of August 2017.[9] This has infuriated a number of Netflix viewers that watched the series not knowing it would end abruptly at episode 49, leaving many matters unanswered. A writing campaign is underway.[10]

The series became a primetime hit in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia as well as in Romania, Albania and Greece.[11] It increased the popularity of Istanbul as a tourist destination among Croatians and led to a greater interest in learning Turkish.[12]


The series originally aired from October 7, 2006 to May 12, 2009 on Kanal D. It aired in more than 56 countries.[13][4] The series aired in Chile on Mega from March 3, 2014 until January 4, 2015[14] and in Brazil on Band from March 9, 2015 until September 15, 2015.[15]


The major TV awards ceremony in Turkey (often dubbed as the Turkish Oscars), the Altın Kelebek, (Golden Butterfly Awards) resulted in three wins for the series.

Awards Category Nominee(s) Result
34th Golden Butterfly Awards Best Drama Series Binbir Gece Won
Best Actor Halit Ergenc Won
Best Actress Bergüzar Korel Won


  1. ^ In Latin America and Brazil it is known as a Telenovela.[1]


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