Bing (soft drink)

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Type carbonated soft drink
Manufacturer Silver Spring Mineral Water Company Limited
Country of origin England
Color Red/Orange
Related products Silver Spring Mineral Water Company Limited
Bing cherry

Bing was a soft drink produced by the Silver Spring Mineral Water Company Limited. It was based in Folkestone, Kent, UK, until 2013, when the company was liquidated. It was dark orange in colour and had a cherryade quality to it. The flavour has been compared by some[who?] to original Tizer (before they removed the artificial flavourings).

The name 'Bing' comes from the original producer of the drink, one Edwin Bing of Canterbury, who ran a chemist and mineral water business in Canterbury. His company 'Bing's Mineral Waters ltd' was bought by Silver Spring in 1968. The distribution of Bing was very limited: it was principally available in the County of Kent, but also in London and Essex.

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