Binh Tai Massacre

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Binh Tai Massacre
Quảng Ngãi Province
LocationBinh Tai village, South Vietnam[1]
Date9 October 1966[1]
TargetBinh Tai villagers[1]
Attack type
PerpetratorsSouth Korean Forces

The Bình Tai Massacre was a massacre purportedly perpetrated by South Korean Forces on 9 October 1966 of 168 citizens in Binh Tai village of Bình Định Province in South Vietnam.[1][3][4]


The South Korean newspaper, The Hankyoreh, investigated war crimes in Vietnam and revealed other atrocities.[5]

Colonel Kim Ki-tae, former commander of the Seventh Company, 2nd Marine Division of the ROK Marines,[6] confessed in The Hankyoreh that on 9 October 1966 South Korean troops airlifted by helicopters set fire to the Binh Tai villagers' homes and shot the villagers who fled the burning buildings. The raid had been ordered as a punitive action by the Division Headquarters as retaliation for the killing of a ROKA Infantry Major (Soryeong) and a ROK Marine Artillery Jungsa (First Sergeant) three days before by sniper fire.[1]

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