Binh Tai Massacre

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Binh Tai Massacre
Quảng Ngãi Province
Location Binh Tai village, South Vietnam[1]
Date 9 October 1966[1]
Target Binh Tai villagers[1]
Attack type
Deaths 168[2]
Perpetrators South Korean Forces

The Bình Tai Massacre was a massacre perpetrated by South Korean Forces on 9 October 1966 of 168 citizens in Binh Tai village[where?] in South Vietnam.[1][3][4]


The Hankyoreh Sinmun investigated war crimes in Vietnam and revealed other atrocities.[5]

Colonel Kim Ki-tae, former commander of the Seventh Company, 2nd Marine Division of the ROK Marines,[6] confessed to Hankyoreh that on 9 October 1966 South Korean troops set fire to the Binh Tai villagers’ homes and shot the villagers who fled the burning buildings. The raid had been ordered as a punitive action by the Division Headquarters as retaliation for the killing of a ROKA Infantry Major three days before by Sniper fire. The Marines were transported to the site of the massacre by Huey helicopters. [1]

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