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Binhukot Village Development Community is located in Baglung District in Nepal.


It is approximately 17 Kilometers from the Baglung Bazzar(city). The lifestyle here is rural. The majority peoples here are Brahmins, mixed with Newars and other caste peoples. Means of transportation for the people here is by foot and due to the recent construction of Highway along the path, people are using buses and jeeps when it comes to long distance travel. But the roads are not back tarred so it is still dangerous to travel in rainy season. Although, the situation is getting better as the construction is going on, it is not as expected. It is a cold place, located above 2000 meters from sea level and hence falls on Mountainous region. The Natural beauty stuns anyone visiting.


History of Baglung is very interesting and is widespread all over the district. Chaitre Dashain, holds a long history along with the construction of the much worshiped kalikathan temple. Chaitre Dashain attracts lots of people to come and celebrate 2 day event which is held annually.

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