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Binirayan Festival
Observed by PhilippinesPhilippines
Type Festival
Date December
Frequency annual

The Binirayan festival is an event celebrated in the province of Antique in the Philippines. "Binirayan" literally means "where they sailed to".

Date of celebration[edit]

The festival was conceived by Governor Evelio Javier, and first celebrated on January 11–13, 1974. In 1975, the festival was moved to April 25–27, but in the succeeding years was celebrated in December to coincide with the Christmas celebration in the province. In 1981, with the assumption of Governor Enrique A. Zaldivar, it was moved back to April. The festival was not celebrated in 1980, 1984–1987, and 1995 due to political crises. Consequently, the dates of the festival, which has become one of the major festivals in the West Visayan region has suffered inconsistency with the every change of leadership of the province. In 2002, however, the provincial board of Antique passed a resolution fixing the date of the celebration in April, and when the management of the festival was given to Binirayan Foundation, Inc. the dates were set on the third weekend of April.

In 2011, the date was again changed to December, and ever since, it is being celebrated every December.


The Binirayan Festival commemorates the legend of the arrival of the ten Bornean datus on the island of Aninipay now known as Panay. (See the legend of Maragtas.) As Governor Evelio B. Javier, the Father of Binirayan Festival, reminded the Antiqueños during the earlier celebrations, "let us gather the strands and memories of our past, as we look back with pride, that we may look ahead with confidence to Antique tomorrow."[1]

Binirayan Festival's permanent theme is "Retracing Roots, Celebrating Culture and Greatness."[2]


The festival opens with a fluvial parade from the Pantalan port to Malandog Beach in Hamtic, believed to be the original settlement of the Bornean datu. In Malandog is a historical marker commemorating this legendary event. There are beauty pageants, cultural shows, street dancing, parades, and arts and crafts local products exhibits. In 2006, the Binirayan Foundation introduced the Komedya Antiqueña as a sub-festival to promote the komedyas traditional folk theater.

From Ati-ati to Malay-ati[edit]

The ati-ati, now popularly known as "ati-atihan" in Philippine fiestas, used to be one of the main events of the festival. Patterned after the famous ati-ati of Aklan, the Binirayan ati-ati is participated in by people of all walks of life painting their faces with black soot. A tribe competition is held among towns and barangays. The popular tribes during the first decade of the festival were Tribu Kamihanon (Bgy 8), Tribu Bukaka (Bgy 2), Tribu Karintukay Dagatnon (Marina) and Tribu Campan (Kampo-Pantalan). Tribu Kaunlaran (Bgy 3) of Comon under then tribe trainer and choreographer Herman Cortez became a regular winner, that they represented the province in 1981 in the Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City as Tribu Binirayan. Tribu Binirayan emerged Champion, the first-ever non-Ilonggo tribe to win the competition. It also boosted the popularity of Binirayan Festival as a major festival in Region VI. In later years, however, the high cost of maintaining tribes, prevented many tribes join the ati-ati competition. In 2001, the Binirayan Executive Committee repackaged the competition as Malay-Ati competition to introduce the idea that the Malays and Ati are the ancestors of the Antiqueños. Current Malay-Ati performance show historical events, folk practices and lifestyles in Antique. The competition in April 2008 was a best of the best among festivals in the province.

Lin-ay kang Antique[edit]

The Lin-ay kang Antique (Miss Antique) beauty pageant has been a staple event in the festival despite feminist sentiments and criticisms. As originally conceived in 1974 during the first Binirayan celebration, the Lin-ay kang Antique is "not necessarily to choose an Antiqueña for a national beauty competition but to select one who would serve as a model for other Antiqueñas because of her charm, beauty, wit and character, and who would serve as Antique's ambassador of goodwill to Antiqueño communities around the world and would help bind them as a people who could look back with pride and look ahead with confidence." In 2007, the Binirayan Foundation, organizer of the festival, came up with new guidelines in the selection of the Lin-ay kang Antique, and one them is for the selected candidate to serve the province of at least one year.

Formerly crowned Lin-ay kang Antique[edit]

Year Municipality Winner Notes
Lin-ay kang Antique 1974 Anini-y Madelyn Tirol
Lin-ay kang Antique 1975 San Jose de Buenavista Mercy Joy Casumpang
Lin-ay kang Antique 1976 Tibiao Mylene Miciano
Lin-ay kang Antique 1977 San Jose de Buenavista Darlene Joy Tan
Lin-ay kang Antique 1978 San Jose de Buenavista Asuncion Panaguiton
Lin-ay kang Antique 1979 Bugasong Genebeth Sta. Romana
Lin-ay kang Antique 1980 No Contest
Lin-ay kang Antique 1981 Pandan Rose Fia Gonzales
Lin-ay kang Antique 1982 Tibiao Mary Jane Jereza
Lin-ay kang Antique 1983 San Jose de Buenavista May Caroline Yap
Lin-ay kang Antique 1984 No Contest
Lin-ay kang Antique 1985 No Contest
Lin-ay kang Antique 1986 No Contest
Lin-ay kang Antique 1987 No Contest
Lin-ay kang Antique 1988 San Jose de Buenavista Ma. Cecilia Nietes
Lin-ay kang Antique 1989 San Jose de Buenavista Maricar Imperial
Lin-ay kang Antique 1990 Aniniy Nelly Secondes
Lin-ay kang Antique 1991 Hamtic Jane Teñosa
Lin-ay kang Antique 1992 Aniniy Melody Paculaba
Lin-ay kang Antique 1993 San Remigio Rosalyn Nufable
Lin-ay kang Antique 1994 Sibalom Diana Rose Grasparil
Lin-ay kang Antique 1995 Postponed to April 1996
Lin-ay kang Antique 1996 Bugasong Jasmin Pediangco
Lin-ay kang Antique 1997 Tibiao Carol Josette Cardos
Lin-ay kang Antique 1998 Caluya Catherine Frangue
Lin-ay kang Antique 1999 Tibiao Quennie Bandoja 1st Runner Up: Culasi - Sherylyn Harrison
2nd Runner Up: San Jose de Buenavista
3rd Runner Up: Patnongon
4th Runner Up: San Remegio
Lin-ay kang Antique 2000 Sebaste Sherylyn Harrison 1st Runner Up: Sibalom
2nd Runner Up: San Jose de Buenavista
Lin-ay kang Antique 2001 Libertad Sheryl Ebon 1st Runner Up: Bugasong
2nd Runner Up: Tibiao
3rd Runner Up: Sibalom
4th Runner Up: Tobias Fornier
Lin-ay kang Antique 2002 Postponed to April 2003
Lin-ay kang Antique 2003 Tibiao Krishna Constantino 1st Runner Up: Hamtic
2nd Runner Up: Tobias Fornier
3rd Runner Up: Pandan
4th Runner Up: Buenavista Cable TV
Lin-ay kang Antique 2004[3] San Jose de Buenavista Klarissa Grace Nebit
Lin-ay kang Antique 2005 San Jose de Buenavista Rubie Rizza Estaris 1st Runner Up: Patnongon
2nd Runner Up: Pandan
Lin-ay kang Antique 2006 Pandan Myrianne Jade Bagaforo 1st Runner Up: Sibalom - Geline Cabreba
2nd Runner Up: Barbaza - Jessica Rivera
3rd Runner Up: Valderamma - Melinaire Jalipa
4th Runner Up: Laua-an - Mylene Gamuza
Lin-ay kang Antique 2007 Belison Michelle Ann Acuña
Lin-ay kang Antique 2008 Pandan Emmerie Dale Cunanan 1st Runner Up: Libertad
2nd Runner Up: Bugasong
3rd Runner Up: Barbaza
4th Runner Up:
Lin-ay kang Antique 2009[4] Bugasong Karen Jane Mejia 1st Runner Up: San Jose de Buenavista - Denzel Jodi Dagumanpan
2nd Runner Up: Hamtic - Maria Chris Gianzon
3rd Runner Up: Pandan - Madeleine Tajanlangit
4th Runner Up: Tobias Fornier - Nanette Jane Pelingon
Lin-ay kang Antique 2010 Sibalom Maxinne Marie Sentina
Lin-ay kang Antique 2011 Tibiao Mary Kris Gualberto 1st Runner Up: Caluya - Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
2nd Runner Up: Patnongon - Azel Shane Smith
3rd Runner Up: Sibalom - Maria Genina Llantino
4th Runner Up: Valderamma - Ma. Gloria Mustonen
Lin-ay kang Antique 2012[5] Tibiao Gracechele Mae Managuit 1st Runner Up: San Jose de Buenavista
2nd Runner Up: Valderamma - Zyra Grace Vedad
Lin-ay kang Antique 2013 No Contest
Lin-ay kang Antique 2014[6] San Jose de Buenavista Mariel Riba Rivera 1st Runner Up: Pandan - Magielen Jontilano
2nd Runner Up: Libertad - Leziel Belbis
3rd Runner Up: Caluya - Jessica Malacapay
4th Runner Up: Culasi - Camille Chesa Sabay
Lin-ay kang Antique 2015 Bugasong Sarah Panlibuton Barnes 1st Runner Up: Sibalom - Jessa Mae Lastimosa
2nd Runner Up: Hamtic - Sarah Mae Lara Rodriguez
Lin-ay kang Antique 2016 Bugasong Kathleen Kates De Toro 1st Runner Up: Patnongon - Tarilaye John Beke
2nd Runner Up: Hamtic - Stephanie Jane Abiera
3rd Runner Up: San Jose de Buenavista - Maria Ledelia Almojuela
4th Runner Up: Tibiao - Eillen Ogatis
Lin-ay kang Antique 2017 San Jose de Buenavista Joyce Marie Sebio 1st Runner Up: Pandan - Shandia Kit Tunguia
2nd Runner Up: Sibalom - Ma. Bernadette Secolles

Antique International Marathon[edit]

This year, 2017, a new event is being slated, the Antique International Marathon (AIM). It aims to showcase the pristine nature and hassle free lifestyle of the Antiqueños. It also intends to put the province at the center of sports tourism in the country. AIM will also spark the enthusiasm of the Antiqueños and everyone else to get into sports, go outdoors and have a healthy lifestyle.

Part of the Registration Fee (10.00) will go to the beautification/upkeep of the Malandog River. Malandog River is the site where the Landing of the Ten Malayan Datus took place.[7]

The Binirayan Confab[edit]

In 2007, Binirayan Foundation convened the Binirayan Confab (initially billed as Binirayan Summit) as a gathering of scholars, academicians, researchers, artists, cultural workers, and almost anyone interested in "Antiqueniana." The confab serves as the intellectual strand of the festival, because according to the organizers, to make the Binirayan Festival closer to its vision of bringing together Antiqueños to look at their past with pride, and look ahead with confidence. The Binirayan festival is not all raucous revelry, but also a time to think about which direction the province takes.[8]