Binn Dubh

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Binn Dubh
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Bencollaghduff is the second mountain from the left
Highest point
Elevation696 m (2,283 ft) [1]
Prominence202 m (663 ft) [2]
ListingMarilyn, Hewitt
Coordinates53°30′48.23″N 9°48′46.08″W / 53.5133972°N 9.8128000°W / 53.5133972; -9.8128000Coordinates: 53°30′48.23″N 9°48′46.08″W / 53.5133972°N 9.8128000°W / 53.5133972; -9.8128000[1]
English translationBlack mountain
Language of nameIrish
Bencollaghduff is located in Ireland
LocationGalway, Ireland
Parent rangeTwelve Bens
OSI/OSNI gridL798530

Bencollaghduff (Irish: Binn Dubh, meaning "Black mountain" [3] ) is a mountain in Galway, Ireland. With a height of 696 metres it is the third highest mountain in the Twelve Bens after Benbaun and Bencorr.

Access to the summit[edit]

The Bencollaghduff is located along the ridge which connects Bencorr (SE) and Benbaun (NW). It can be reached by a long rocky slope; a cairn stands on its summit.[3]


The mountain, along with Twelve Bens range, is part of the Connemara National Park.

In literature[edit]

The Irish novelist Joseph O'Connor in his awards winner novel Star of the Sea cites the quarzite shale on the slopes of Bencollaghduff.[4]

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