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Binnie Dunlop (3 August 1874[1] – 15 July 1946) was a Scottish doctor and advocate of eugenics.[2]

Dunlop, the son of a Glasgow doctor, studied medicine at Glasgow University, graduating M.B. (1898)[1] and Ch.B. However, he never practiced medicine, instead studying social and economic questions.[2] He joined the Malthusian League in 1910, and was probably the author of the League's 1913 pamphlet Hygenic Methods of Birth Control.[3] He held office in the Malthusian League as Honorary Secretary and Treasurer, and was editor of The Malthusian from 1918 to 1921.[2]


  • National happiness under individualism. An explanation and solution of the poverty and riches problem, 1909
  • (anon.) Hygienic methods of family limitation, 1913
  • 'Over-population as a cause of war', in Eden and Cedar Paul, eds., Population and Birth-control: a symposium, 1917


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