Binnya Kyan

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For the minister (died 1538), see Binnya Kyan (minister).
Binnya Kyan
King of Hanthawaddy
Reign 30 May 1451 – c. June 1453
Predecessor Binnya Waru
Successor Leik Munhtaw
Born c. 1420[note 1]
Died c. June 1453
Father Binnya Dhammaraza
Religion Theravada Buddhism

Binnya Kyan (Burmese: ဗညားကျန်း, pronounced: [bəɲá tɕáɴ]; c. 1420–1453) was the 13th king of the Hanthawaddy Pegu Kingdom in Burma from 1451 to 1453. Binnya Kyan, son of King Binnya Dhammaraza, came to power after assassinating his cousin King Binnya Waru in 1451. One notable project of his reign was the raising of the height of Shwedagon Pagoda to 92 meters (302 feet) from 20 meters (66 feet).[1] The king himself was murdered in 1453 by his first cousin Leik Munhtaw who seized the throne. Despite his raising of the height of the Shwedagon, the king murdered so many of his rivals that by the time he himself was murdered, his killer, first cousin Leik Munhtaw was the last living male descendant of King Razadarit.


Various Burmese chronicles do not agree on the key dates of the king's life. Indeed, Maha Yazawin and Hmannan Yazawin have inconsistent reporting within their own texts.

Chronicles Birth–Death Age Reign Length of reign
Slapat Rajawan[note 2] 1417/18–1445 27 1442–1445 3
Maha Yazawin not reported not reported June 1450 – 1451[2] 1
Hmannan Yazawin not reported not reported June 1450 – 1452[3] 2
Maha Yazawin and Hmannan Yazawin (in summary section of Hanthawaddy Kings) not reported not reported 1450–1453[4][5] 3


  1. ^ The chronicle Mon Yazawin (Slapat 1922: 55) says he died at age 27 (28th year) in 1445 after having reigned for 3 years, meaning he was born c. 1417/18. But the chronicle also says he was younger than his predecessor Binnya Waru by two years. Since Binnya Waru was born in 1418/19 per Hmannan Yazawin, Binnya Kyan was probably born around 1420/21.
  2. ^ Mon Yazawin (Slapat Rajawan) provides wildly divergent and inconsistent dates for the early Hanthawaddy history, including the reign of this king. The birth-death and regnal dates use the regnal years given in the Slapat chronicle with 888 ME (1526/27), the death year of King Binnya Ran II, which is in agreement with standard Burmese chronicles, as the anchor reference point.


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Binnya Kyan
Born: c. 1420 Died: June 1453
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Binnya Waru
King of Hanthawaddy
Succeeded by
Leik Munhtaw