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BioCreAtIvE (A critical assessment of text mining methods in molecular biology) consists in a community-wide effort for evaluating information extraction and text mining developments in the biological domain.[1]

Three main tasks were posed at the first BioCreAtIvE challenge: the entity extraction task,[2] the gene name normalization task,[3][4] and the functional annotation of gene products task.[5] The data sets produced by this contest serve as a Gold Standard training and test set to evaluate and train Bio-NER tools and annotation extraction tools.

The second BioCreAtIvE included three tasks organized by Lynette Hirschman and Alex Morgan of MITRE; Alfonso Valencia and Martin Krallinger of CNIO in Spain; and W. John Wilbur, Lorrie Tanabe and Larry Smith of NIH.

BioCreative V will have 5 different tracks, described at:


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