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This article is about the combat robot. For the video game and film series, see Resident Evil. For the normal meaning, see Biological hazard. For other uses, see biohazard (disambiguation).
Height 0.1016 m (0.333 ft)
Weight class heavyweight
Primary weapon actuated lifting arm
Team members Carlo Bertocchini
Country of origin  United States
Wins 38
Losses 5

BioHazard is a combat robot built by Carlo Bertocchini. It was the most successful robot in the heavyweight division of BattleBots. It originally competed in the U.S. Robot Wars where it won 2 heavyweight division titles. It went on to win 4 BattleBots championships. BioHazard's weapon is an electric four-bar lifting arm (technically, an asymmetric linear actuator) used to lift other robots. For much of its reign it was notorious for being difficult to attack and get under due to hinged titanium wedge skirts on all sides and low profile (4 inches tall). BioHazard initially retired in 2002 with a record of 37 head-to-head wins and three losses.

BioHazard returned to competition in the ComBots Cup in 2005. The increased power and development of heavyweight spinner robots prevailed, with BioHazard finishing poorly - with one win (a forfeit over Jawbreaker, who was destroyed by Eugene in its first fight) and two losses (loss to Megabyte in 2:15 by tap out; forfeit and a final loss to Brutality in 1:21). The final fight against Brutality was at 11:20pm - about 2 hours after the official fights had ended. Paul Ventimiglia, builder of Brutality, had generously given Carlo an extended postponement while Carlo drove BioHazard back to his shop to repair it after its stunning loss to Megabyte. Ventimiglia cited Carlo Bertocchini as his hero and the reason he got into building combat robots.

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