Bio Zombie

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Bio Zombie
Bio Zombie FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Wilson Yip
Produced by Joe Ma
Written by Matt Chow
So Man-Sing
Wilson Yip
Starring Jordan Chan
Sam Lee
Angela Tong
Wayne Lai
Music by Peter Kam
Cinematography Kwok-Man Keung
Edited by Ka-Fai Cheung
Distributed by Media Blasters (U.S. DVD)
Release dates

6 November 1998

24 April 2001 (U.S. DVD)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Bio Zombie (simplified Chinese: 生化寿尸; traditional Chinese: 生化壽屍; pinyin: Shēng Huà Shòu Shī; Jyutping: Sang1 Faa3 Sau6 Si1) is a 1998 Hong Kong zombie comedy film, starring Jordan Chan. It spoofs George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead and shows many similarities to Peter Jackson's Braindead.


This movie takes place in a mall where two young men and other people work. They do not seem to get along very well due to a lack of customers. One night the two young men give an apparently dying businessman a soft drink, which is in actuality an experimental Iraqi biological weapon that turns him into a flesh-eating zombie. Returning to the mall, the man escapes and begins infecting the population, forcing a small group of misfits to band together in order to survive.


  • Jordan Chan as Woody Invincible
  • Sam Lee as Crazy Bee
  • Angela Tong as Rolls
  • Wayne Lai as Kui
  • Emotion Cheung as Loi
  • Yeung Wing Cheung as Chinki Zombie
  • Frankie Chan
  • Ronny Ching
  • Matt Chow
  • Ken Lok

Voice cast (English version):

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