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Biobor JF
Biobor JF

Biobor is a line of fuel additive products. Originally developed by U.S. Borax in 1963, Biobor is manufactured today by Hammonds Industries Inc. in Houston, Texas. Biobor JF is a microbicide designed to kill fungi, algae, and other microbes that damage fuel systems. Cladosporium resinae, a type of fungi, along with many other microbes thrive in fuel systems, needing minimal water and nutrients to survive. These microbes leave dangerous byproducts that corrode metal parts. The accumulation of microbes appears as a black sludge or slime.[1] Biobor's active ingredients are 2,2'-oxybis (4,4 6-trimethyl-1,3,2-dioxaborinane) and 2,2'-(methyltrimethylenedioxy) bis-(4-methyl 1-1,3,2-dioxaborinane). Biobor JF is designed primarily for diesel and jet fuel, but can be used in any hydrocarbon based fuel. JF can also be used as a wood preservative.

Other Biobor fuel products[edit]

BioborMD is a fuel additive that increases marine diesel performance. Diesel fuel loses efficieny and begins to gel as the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, but MD maintains proper fuel flow. Besides protecting the engine from corrosion and water damage, MD also disperses sludge.

BioborEB Biobor Ethanol Buster is a gasoline additive designed to mitigate the harmful effects of ethanol fuel in engines. E10 fuel has a limited shelf life, and can cause corrosion and water damage to the engine and fuel tank. EB also reduces the damage done by ethanol to engine power and fuel economy.

Biobor Hum-Bug Detector Kit is a test kit that provides early warning of microbial contamination in fuel. The kit consists of a syringe and test bottle.


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