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Bioenergy Europe
Bioenergy europe.jpg
Formation1990, Brussels, Belgium
TypeTrade Association
PurposeRenewable energy, Bioenergy
HeadquartersBrussels, Belgium
Region served
40 national associations 90 companies (2018)
Hannes Tuohiniitty (FI)
Christoph Pfemeter (AT)
Jean-Marc Jossart (BE)
Secretary General
Main organ
Board of Directors, Steering Committee, General Assembly
AffiliationsWBA (World Biomass Association)
17 (2018)
Formerly called
European Biomass Association (AEBIOM)

Bioenergy Europe (formerly known as AEBIOM) is a European trade association open to national biomass associations and bioenergy companies active in Europe. It was founded in 1990 under the leadership of french senator Michel Souplet [fr] with the aim to promote energy generation from biomass - in all its forms: biopower, bioheat or biofuels for transport. Bioenergy Europe is the umbrella organisation of the European Pellet Council (EPC),[1] and the International Biomass Torrefaction Council (IBTC).[2]

Bioenergy Europe owns two international certifications for wood fuels. ENplus®, certifying wood pellets quality [3] and GoodChips®, aiming at guaranteeing wood chips and hog fuel quality.[4]


As a European trade federation, Bioenergy Europe governance is ensured by its members (see list below) and structured around a General Assembly, a Board of Directors and a Core Groups that decide on the strategic orientations and political lines of the organisation based on the advises of Bioenergy Europe's Working Groups and Secretariat.[5]

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