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Bioinformetrics or the bioinformetry is the branch of statistics related to the design, quantitative analysis, simulation, statistical and/or stochastic modelling and interpretation of molecular biological studies and experiments. In short, bioinformetrics is the application of statistical methods to bioinformatics or quantitative bioinformatics. In 2012 it was seen necessary to distinguish the Bioinformetrics from the broad and diverse discipline known as Bioinformatics, mainly to illustrate the significant difference between the approach of the bioinformaticians who are so heterogeneous in skills and that of bioinformetricians who are specialised in applying statistical methods and bears a quantitative mindset to the synthesis and rendering of molecular biological data.

It is in the tradition of different metrics (i.e. use of statistics in specific fields). Examples are econometrics, biometrics, technometrics, psychometrics and sociometry.