Biological Abstracts

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Biological Abstracts
Producer Thomson Reuters (United States)
History 1926 to present
Disciplines Science
Record depth Index & abstract
Print edition
ISSN 0006-3169

Biological Abstracts is a database produced by Thomson Reuters through its subsidiary BIOSIS. It includes abstracts from peer-reviewed academic journal articles in the fields of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, botany, pre-clinical and experimental medicine, pharmacology, zoology, agriculture, and veterinary medicine published since 1926.[1][2]

It can be accessed through number of services, including Ebsco,[3] Ovid [4] and the Web of Knowledge.[1] Biological Abstracts/RRM is similar, except that it covers meetings and conferences, literature reviews, U.S. patents, books, software and other media instead of journal articles.[5] The combination of the two is marketed as BIOSIS Previews .[6]


The service began as a print publication in 1926, when it was formed by the union of Abstracts of Bacteriology (1917–25), and Botanical Abstracts (1919–26), both published in Baltimore by Williams and Wilkins.[7] It was published in paperback subject sections, with abstracts usually written by scientist in the US, as a great many of articles in that period were in other languages.

The first online version was published on magnetic tape; it contained only the bibliographic information, not the text of the abstracts, and was intended as a rapid alerting service.


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