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Humanoid robot constructed using the Bioloid kit
Dog modelled in Webots using the Bioloid Kit

The ROBOTIS BIOLOID is a hobbyist and educational robot kit produced by the Korean robot manufacturer ROBOTIS. The BIOLOID platform consists of components and small, modular servomechanisms called the AX-12A Dynamixels, which can be used in a daisy-chained fashion to construct robots of various configurations, such as wheeled, legged, or humanoid robots. The Robot is programmed with RoboPlus - C language based software solution.[1] The Bioloid system is thus comparable to the LEGO Mindstorms and VEXplorer kits.[citation needed]

Types of ROBOTIS BIOLOID kits[edit]

There are multiple variations of the Bioloid kit:[2]

  • ROBOTIS Bioloid Beginner - includes parts and designs for 14 types of robots [Discontinued]
  • ROBOTIS Bioloid Comprehensive - includes parts and designs for 26 different robots [Discontinued]
  • ROBOTIS Bioloid Expert - designed for educational or research use [Discontinued] [1]
  • ROBOTIS Bioloid Premium - upgraded and latest version of Bioloid Comprehensive Kit builds 29 different configurations
  • ROBOTIS Bioloid GP - intended for robot competitions
  • ROBOTIS Darwin-Mini Humanoid Robot - 3d printed shell allows infinite customization options
  • ROBOTIS Bioloid STEM Standard - includes parts and designs for 7 types of robots
  • ROBOTIS Bioloid STEM Expansion - includes parts and designs for 9 types of robots [Requires purchase of STEM Standard]

TurtleBot 3 and other platforms[edit]

Turtlebot 3, announced in 2016 and developed in collaboration with ROBOTIS and the Open Source Robotics Foundation, is the smallest and cheapest of the TurtleBots.

Other ROBOTIS platforms include: ROBOTIS OP 2, ROBOTIS Manipulator and ThorMang3.

TB3 Plugins for Gazebo[edit]

ROBOTIS has TurtleBot3 plugins for the Gazebo Robotics simulator that will let you simulate a TB3 Burger, Waffle, or Waffle Pi.


The platform is currently in use by the U.S. Naval Academy in their Mechanical Engineering courses,[3] and is also popular in the RoboCup international robotics competition [4] and FIRA competition.

Year Country Application Work by
2007 UK Bioloid based Humanoid Soccer Robot Design[5] Joerg Wolf, University of Plymouth
2014 Iran Bioloid used to teach children how to pray[6] Akbar Rezaie, schoolteacher
2014 USA Extra Pair of Fingers[7] MIT
2016 Unknown Bioloid/Dynamixel planar biped robot, Matlab control - simple movements[8] deDasil

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