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For the art movement, see biomorphism.

Biomorphic robotics is a sub-discipline of robotics focused upon emulating the mechanics, sensor systems, computing structures and methodologies used by animals. In short, it is building robots inspired by the principles of biological systems.

One of the most prominent researchers in the field of biomorphic robotics has been Mark W. Tilden, who has taken Rodney Brooks' theory of removing the world model from robots to a low hardware level not even using microprocessors. This is not to say the lack of microprocessors makes something biomorphic - quite the contrary. There is a huge amount of work be done implementing biological nervous and neural networks into computing devices.

In contrast M. Anthony Lewis has used the field of biomorphic robots to study how humans and animals use "biologically inspired principles" to negotiate the complexities of the real world.

The difference between neuromorphics and biomorphics is believed to be that neuromorphics focuses on analogue control and sensor systems as opposed to biomorphics trying to implement biological methods on the whole system.

An excellent example of a biomorphic machine is the robot snake.


First of all, the imitation of certain insects and made the robot is not simple. Abroad, for example, some scientists observed that the brains of the ants are small, poor eyesight, but the ability to navigate it superb: when back to summon companion after the ants find food source, is the image of a food store in its brain, and by using the image in the brain and eyes real a scene matching method, follow the original road to return. Scientists believe that mimic ant this function, can make the robot has excellent ability to scout in unfamiliar environment.

Second, whenever, on the research of the bionic machine (machine), is various, imitate human robot, both to development and to develop other biological machinery (apparatus). Robots are not before, people in addition to the research on manufacturing automatic puppet, very interested in animals, such as the various ge is bright manufacturing MuNiu legend LiuMa, modern computer pioneer barber design of chickens and sheep toys, famous French engineer bao kan made in pine FuShui iron ducks and so on, are very famous.

Also, the research manufacturing insect robot, its prospect is also very good. For example, some people develop a flexible legs of insects to the machine, the size is only 1/3 of a credit card, you can easily jump over obstacles like crickets, almost an hour can forward 37 m. This kind of machine insects is the most special place broke through the concept of "affects the joints must add engine". Inventing new methods of household is: by lead, zirconium bionic robot bionic robot, titanium metal strip form a bimorph regulator. When charging, the regulator bend, finished filling the electricity it snap back, repeatedly charging, it became a vibration. Equipped with insect body on article vibration, vibration of the vibration became a machine power of the insects, each time vibration can make the crawling insects move 2 mm. Through a "wang", can control a large group of insects to the machine, by it in the form of a relay sends the control command to each machine of insects. Application of this kind of machine insects can be completed on the battlefield reconnaissance, deliver goods, or to find in other planets.


Robot system structure, the means to accomplish specified target one or more robots in the field of information processing and control logic structure.

The control system[edit]

The thinking principle of bionic architecture[edit]

Essentially, deliberating intelligence, reactive intelligent and distributed intelligence, is a reference for biological control logic and reasoning and bionic, but due to the limitation of objective conditions and demand for the purpose of limitations, they are from a certain Angle and the direction of intelligent a one-sided, local imitation. Type of bionic system structure of this article is based on the biological control logic and behavior inference, draw based on deliberating type intelligent, reactive intelligent and distributed intelligence and so on three kinds of advantages and disadvantages of architecture thought, especially for robot work under unknown environment in mobile robot control architecture shortcomings and existing problems, puts forward a new control capable of adaptation and evolution thoughts and ideas. Draw lessons from the idea of distributed intelligence, in the control system structure is social behavior control layer; Referenced by the ideas of biological adaptability in control architecture implementation by deliberating in this generation type behavior layer to the reflective behaviors of learning; Referenced by the ideas of biological evolution of sex in the control system structure to achieve multiple generation by reflex behavior between the evolution of the layer to the instinctive behavior (or degradation). So, a total of four bionic architecture of behavior control layer, namely the instinctive behavior control layer, reflex behavior control, deliberating and social behavior control layer behavior control layer, they are parallel to receive from the perception layer of external and internal information, making a logical judgment and reaction, send control information to the executive level at the end, through competition and coordination to adjust themselves and adapt to the external environment, so as to finish the work in accordance with the target task.

The instance[edit]

The machine the scorpion[edit]

About 50 cm long machine is different from other traditional robot by a scorpion, it does not have the ability to solve complex problems. The scorpion machine is almost completely rely on reflection action to solve the problem of walking. This makes it able to quickly respond to anything plagued it, its head has two ultrasonic sensors. If encounter obstacles 50% % above its height, it will bypass. Moreover, if on the left side of the sensor to detect obstacles, it will automatically turn to the right.

Machine frog[edit]

Frog leg knee sprung, machine could first curved like the frog legs, then jumped up. Machine frog jumped farthest distance on earth is 2.4 meters; On Mars, as the gravity of Mars is about a third of the earth, the machine of frog jump performance can be up to 7.2 meters, close to the human world long jump record. So it won't be like the 2007 Mars suv in front of a small stone.

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  • One of the more prolific annual Biomorphic conferences is at the Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop. These academics meet from all around the world to share their research in what they call a field of engineering that is based on the design and fabrication of artificial neural systems, such as vision chips, head-eye systems, and roving robots, whose architecture and design principles are based on those of biological nervous systems.