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Aside from the toys in the Lego Bionicle franchise, Lego has also marketed an ongoing book series, several video games (mostly for the Game Boy Advance), and four computer-animated movies which feature important plot points. A Bionicle comic book is also published by DC Comics and available free to members of the Lego Club. There are also various other ancillary products available, such as watches, toothbrushes, and backpacks, as well as an online adventure game.


Directed by Terry Shakespeare
David Molina (1-3)
Mark Baldo (4)
Produced by Sue Shakespeare
Bob Thompson (1-3)
Kristy Scanlan
Joshua Wexler (4)
Written by Bob Thompson
Henry Gilroy (1-3)
Sean Catherine Derek (4)
Starring Christopher Gaze
Michael Dobson
Paul Dobson
Tabitha St. Germain (1-2-3)
Michael Dorn
Jim Cummings
Marla Sokoloff
David Leisure (4)
Music by Nathan Furst (1-3)
John D'Andrea (4)
Edited by Craig Russo (1-2)
Billy Jones (3)
Aeolyn Kelley
Distributed by Miramax Films
Buena Vista Home Entertainment (1-3)
Universal (4)

There were two trilogies of CG computer animation films, carried out one for 2003–2005 and one for 2009-2011, which tell of several important events in Bionicle. Only one film of the second planned trilogy was ever released, by the title of The Legend Reborn. The two films which remained were scrapped during the production of TLR due to the cancellation of the toyline itself, which occurred in the winter of 2010. Four Bionicle movies were released and one, which would have been the fifth, was cancelled while in production. Another film based on the 2001 storyline was also planned in 2000 and planned for a release in 2001, but the project never reached production.

Bionicle: Mask of Light[edit]

Bionicle: Mask of Light follows two Matoran as they discover the Mask of Light, a sign heralding the arrival of the Seventh Toa (Takanuva). While they search for the Seventh Toa, Tahu and the other Toa Nuva defend the Matoran villages from a new threat from Makuta Teridax: Rahkshi.

Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui[edit]

A prequel to the entire Bionicle saga, Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui details the early adventures of Turaga Vakama and the other Turaga during their time as Toa and the origin of the Matoran. But the Toa Metru will have to save their city from destruction by Makuta, who has disguised himself as Metru Nui's leader, Turaga Dume.

Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows[edit]

The only direct sequel chronologically in the Bionicle film series, the Toa Metru have returned to the legendary city of Metru Nui to rescue the Matoran, but find the city in ruins and under the grip of the Roodaka and her army of giant spider-like beasts, known as Visorak.

Bionicle: The Legend Reborn[edit]

This film covers the story of the inhabitants of Bara Magna. Unlike the previous three films, this was produced and animated by Tinseltown Toons instead of Miramax. The movie features the former Great Spirit Mata Nui (voiced by Michael Dorn) after he lands on Bara Magna, having been banished by Makuta Teridax, following the events of the Battle for Power 2008 storyline, and he meets the Agori and the Glatorians. Once a great and powerful ruler of an inhabited 40 million foot high exploratation robot, Mata Nui finds himself stripped of his stature,and banished to a remote, decaying wasteland - a desert junkyard. Local villagers scavenge the remains, building shelters, survival gear and arenas where each village's best gladiator is pitted against another to end disputes. Mata Nui, in search of a way home, finds himself in the middle of one of those battles. However, when Mata Nui leaves the arena triumphant, he is as surprised as the villagers, who then ask him to fight their real enemies, the Skrall and the Bone Hunters. United with his band of Glatorians, he struggles to unite a devastated land, and to find the secret to reclaiming his own lost body.

The Lego Movie (cameo)[edit]

The Bionicle characters do not make an appearance in the film, but the original toys have a cameo in a scene where Wyldstyle (voiced by Elizabeth Banks) explains the various Lego realms including "a bunch of others we don't need to mention", Bionicle being among them.[1]

TV series[edit]

Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One[edit]

A four episode TV series that was released on Netflix in 2016, it is about 'the mythical island of Okoto, where the forces of darkness are on the move and the evil Makuta is working to cast the world into darkness.'[2]


See Also: Bionicle Chronicles, Bionicle Adventures, Bionicle Legends

Bionicle Chronicles[edit]

  1. · Tale of The Toa · C. A. Hapka · © 2003 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-50116-4 · Summary: The six Toa Mata arrive on Mata Nui. They seek out the Kanohi Masks and then descend into Makuta's lair.
  2. · Beware The Bohrok · C. A. Hapka · © 2003 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-50117-2 · Summary: The Bohrok swarms emerge from their nest. The Toa obtain the Krana, and then challenge the queens of the swarm, resulting in their transformation into the Toa Nuva.
  3. · Makuta's Revenge · C. A. Hapka · © 2003 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-50119-9 · Summary: The Bohrok Kal are awakened, and steal the Toa Nuva power symbols. The Toa confront them several times, culminating in a showdown in which Tahu reveals the Mask of Time.
  4. · Tales of the Masks · Greg Farshtey · © 2003 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-60706-X · Summary: The Turaga tell the tales of the Toa Nuva as they searched for the Kanohi Nuva.
  5. · Mask of Light · C.A. Hapka · © 2003 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-60706-X · Summary: Tells the story of how Takua and Jaller went on a quest to find the seventh Toa and save Mata Nui from Makuta.

Bionicle Adventures[edit]

  1. · Mystery of Metru Nui · Greg Farshtey · © 2004 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-60731-0 · Summary: Turaga Vakama begins the tale of Metru Nui, telling the Toa how he and the other Turaga were once Toa. The Toa Metru sought out six Matoran who knew where to find the Great Kanoka.
  2. · Trial By Fire · Greg Farshtey · © 2004 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-60732-9 · Summary: The Toa Metru seek out the Great Disks, confronting Vahki along the way. They then confront the Morbuzakh, resulting in its destruction.
  3. · The Darkness Below · Greg Farshtey · © 2004 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-60733-7 · Summary: The Toa Metru descend into the tunnels of Metru Nui to seal a leak in the underground walls. However, they find themselves menaced by a shape-shifting Rahi named Krahka.
  4. · Legends of Metru Nui · Greg Farshtey · © 2004 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-62747-8 · Summary: The Toa journey to the Coliseum, but are charged with Toa Lhikan's disappearance. The Toa flee the Vahki and find the missing Lhikan, now a Turaga. The story concludes with the Matoran in a dark sleep and the true villain revealed: Makuta. A novelization of the movie Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui.
  5. · Voyage of Fear · Greg Farshtey · © 2004 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-68022-0 · Summary: The Toa Metru steer a course through the Great Barrier, searching for a new home. However, they find themselves menaced by pursuing Vahki, monstrous Rahi, and a squad of order enforcers thought long gone.
  6. · Maze of Shadows · Greg Farshtey · © 2004 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-68023-9 · Summary: The Toa, having located the island that will become Mata Nui, make their way through the underground tunnels to return to the city of legends. Along the way, they encounter the fearsome Rahi Nui, as well as a Morbuzakh prototype named Karzahni.
  7. · Web of The Visorak · Greg Farshtey · © 2005 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-69619-4 · Summary: The Toa Metru return to Metru Nui to find it overrun by mutants and spider creatures called Visorak. They are later captured and mutated into the Toa Hordika: half-Toa, half-Rahi. They then find themselves allied with the Rahaga.
  8. · Challenge of The Hordika · Greg Farshtey · © 2005 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-69621-6 · Summary: Krahka returns as the Toa Hordika seek out the components to escape Metru Nui. The story ends with a battle between the Visorak and their Zivon monster, and the Toa Hordika with their Rahaga and Rahi allies.
  9. · Web of Shadows · Greg Farshtey · © 2005 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-74558-6 · Summary: As the Toa Hordika continue their search for the Matoran and Keetongu, they find themselves menaced on all sides. Not only are they under assault by the Visorak, but one of their own, Vakama, is turned against them, when he is persuaded by Roodaka. A novelization of the movie Bionicle 3: Web of Shadows.
  10. · Time Trap · Greg Farshtey · © 2005 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-74559-4 · Summary: Now freed from the Hordika infection and returning to Mata Nui, Vakama has one last task: locating the Mask of Time. However, as he confronts new Dark Hunters and finds himself in a place of unbelievable nature, he must ask himself this: is time being undone, or has he lost his mind?

Bionicle Legends[edit]

  1. Island Of Doom · Greg Farshtey · © 2006 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-74560-8 · Summary: When six powerful figures appear on an island in peril, they are welcomed by the villagers as Toa come to save them. But these newcomers, the Piraka have far more dangerous plans for the island and the Matoran who live there, as their pursuit of an incredible treasure threatens to unleash an ancient evil. The Toa Nuva arrive on the island and confront the Piraka, but lose.
  2. Dark Destiny · Greg Farshtey · © 2006 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-78795-5 · Summary: Monstrous beings called Piraka have seized complete control of Voya Nui, and Jaller thinking the Toa Nuva are missing, he and five others journey to the land. But on the way, they confront an ancient being, the deadly Karzahni. After leaving his realm, the Matoran become six new heroes.
  3. Power Play · Greg Farshtey · © 2006 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-82804-X · Summary: Six new heroes, the Toa Inika, have arrived on the besieged island of Voya Nui in search of the missing Toa Nuva. What they find instead are the vicious Piraka and a desperate Matoran resistance fighting for freedom. But when two of the Piraka steal the power of the mighty Brutaka, Toa Jaller and his team must fight for their very lives against evil unbound.
  4. Legacy of Evil · Greg Farshtey · © 2006 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-82807-4 · Summary: The Piraka are the embodiment of evil, but how did they meet, what caused them to join forces and how did they learn about the Mask of Life? And what of the mysterious seventh Piraka? The answers await in this tale of Bionicle.
  5. Inferno · Greg Farshtey · © 2006 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-82805-8 · Summary: The Toa Inika wage a desperate running battle in the heart of a volcano as the hunt for the Mask of Life reaches its shattering climax! The Toa must defeat the Piraka to reach the mask, but if they do, they will face a monster beyond all imagining born from an ancient curse.
  6. City of the Lost · Greg Farshtey · © 2007 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-89033-0 · Summary: Far below the surface, in the darkness of the great ocean depths where no Toa has gone before, lies a strange and mysterious habitat called 'the pit'. It's a place of unknown dangers and bizarre creatures, ruled by six merciless deep-sea monsters whose like the surface world has never been seen. They dominate a world where the rule is eat-or be eaten. Welcome to a world of darkness...welcome to the realm of the Barraki...
  7. Prisoners of the Pit · Greg Farshtey · © 2007 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-89034-9 · Summary: Trapped in the ocean's depths, mutated beyond recognition, the Toa must face their greatest challenges. Can they convince the Matoran who live in the watery city of Mahri Nui to trust them? Can they retrieve the Mask of Life before the Barraki figure out how to control it? And will they be able to overcome the greatest challenge of all: the return of Makuta? What does this shadowy figure want from Matoro? And will Matoro end up betraying his friends before it's all over?
  8. Downfall · Greg Farshtey · © Scholastic Inc. · ISBN Deep in the underwater world known as the Pit, the Toa must battle the Barraki in a final showdown. At stake is the future of their world. If they fail, there is no world ... and even if they succeed, nothing is certain.
  9. Shadows in the Sky · Greg Farshtey · The Toa Nuva have returned and must continue their quest to awaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. With new armor that allows them to soar in the sky, the Toa begin a journey that will lead them to a mysterious city in the clouds. When they arrive a battle is already raging, will the Toa choose the right side? [3]
  10. Swamp of Secrets · Greg Farshtey · Separated from their fellow Toa, Tahu Nuva, Gali Nuva, and Onua Nuva enter a swamp to search for the Mask of Life. They must find it if they are to begin the process of awakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui. If they fail, death and destruction await them.
  11. The Final Battle[4] · Greg Farshtey · The reunited Toa Nuva begin the final battle against the Makuta in the Swamp of Secrets. With new vehicles, and a newly altered Takanuva, the Toa will continue the fight - and awaken Mata Nui. Who will win?

Bionicle Super Chapter Books (Unofficial Bara Magna Trilogy)[edit]

The cover of Bionicle Super Chapter Book #1: Raid on Vulcanus.
  1. Raid on Vulcanus · Greg Farshtey - When the Bone Hunters plan to annihilate the village of Vulcanus is discovered, an army of Glatorian is the only hope for survival. But are the Bone Hunters the only threat, or is life on all of Bara Magna about to change forever?
  2. The Legend Reborn · Greg Farshtey - Cast out from his own universe, Mata Nui has been stranded on a remote planet. But all is not lost as it seems, and great warriors lurk even in the heart of the desert. Mata Nui meets the Glatorian, fighters with the hearts of Toa, who agree to help him with his quest to return home. Along the way, disaster strikes. Villages are being destroyed, flattened by ruthless warriors. Mata Nui must stay to help his new friends-and, perhaps, discover the key to his own destiny. Novelization of the movie Bionicle: The Legend Reborn.
  3. Journey's End · Greg Farshtey - Mata Nui has found the power source of the giant ruined robot the Agori found and has possessed its empty body. But Teridax had come to Bara Magna to destroy Mata Nui once and for all. The only hope for Mata Nui and two worlds is the Golden Armor that must be sought out by Toa Tahu, with the help of Takanuva and Gresh. But first, they must defeat Makuta Teridax, Nektann and his Skakdi army, an entire army of Rahkshi, and a group of vengeful Skrall, who have all pledged their allegiance to Teridax. This is the final Bionicle chapter book, from the original storyline.

Note: Only the first two books were serialized in the U.S and Canada. The third, Journey's End, was only published in Poland. An English version was posted on the official Bionicle website. However was only available to people who have an account on the LEGO websites (including the official Bionicle website). Codes were provided on the official Bionicle website for people with accounts to use on the site to access and download chapters of the book in PDF format. An archived version of Journey's End is available in PDF format at the Brickimedia website.[5]

LEGO Bionicle Chapter Books (Reboot Series)[edit]

  1. Island of Lost Masks · Ryder Windham - The Toa arrive on the island of Okoto with a mission: find their Golden Masks and work together to save the island from the Skull Spiders and Skull Warriors by reviving the legendary Mask Maker, Ekimu.
  2. Revenge of the Skull Spiders · Ryder Windham - The six Protectors join forces and venture into the depths below the City of the Mask Makers to aid the Toa, leading to a confrontation with the Lord of the Skull Spiders
  3. Escape from the Underworld · Ryder Windham -

Cancelled Bionicle Books[edit]

  1. Bionicle Legends #7: Invasion · Greg Farshtey · Invasion was set to be the seventh book in the Bionicle Legends series, slated to be released in 2007. It was cancelled to shorten the book schedule, and as a result of decreased sales. The plot would have seen the Toa Inika journey through the stone cord underneath Voya Nui in pursuit of the Mask of Life. During the story, Makuta Teridax possessed Matoro's body and Vezon attacked them with the Spear of Fusion again. However, the Spear was destroyed completely and a tribe of Zyglak took Vezon captive. The Inika escaped into the surrounding ocean, leading immediately into Prisoners of the Pit. Though these details were disclosed afterwards, they were never seen in any media.

Original Series Graphic Novels[edit]

  1. "Rise of the Toa Nuva" The Toa Mata arrive on Mata Nui—but is it already too late?
  2. "Challenge of the Rahkshi" The Toa Nuva have to fight Rahkshi and Bohrok-Kal to prepare for the coming of the seventh Toa.
  3. "City of Legends" The Toa Metru fight to save their city from a terrible evil.
  4. "Trial by Fire" The Toa Metru, mutated into Toa Hordika, must save the Matoran, defeat the Visorak, and find the legendary Keetongu before they become beasts.
  5. "The Battle of Voya Nui" The Toa Inika must fight the evil Piraka to save the Great Spirit's life.
  6. "The Underwater City" The Toa Inika have to retrieve the Mask of Life from The Pit before it is too late.
  7. "Realm of Fear" The Toa Nuva have to fight the Brotherhood of Makuta to save a lost Matoran tribe and awaken Mata Nui.
  8. "Legends of Bara Magna" Old stories of Bara Magna will be revealed.
  9. "The Fall of Atero" The Bara Magna residents fight for their freedom against the Skrall.

Reboot Series Graphic Novels[edit]

  1. "Gathering of the Toa" The Toa arrive on the Island of Okoto and battle the evil Skull Spiders.
  2. "Battle of the Mask Makers" The story of events leading up to Ekimu and Makuta's confrontation centuries before the Toa arrived.
  3. "TBA"

Cancelled Graphic Novels[edit]

  1. "Power of the Great Beings (Issue #10)" (TBA) Mata Nui must find out the dark secrets of his creators, the Great Beings, and save the Bara Magna from a force so evil, it could destroy the entire planet. The project was cancelled a third through.
  2. "Journey's End (Issue #11)" (TBA) An eleventh graphic novel by the name of "Journey's End" was planned in advance of the release of the tenth graphic novel. Upon the cancellation of "Power of the Great Beings", plans for "Journey's End" between Papercutz and the Lego Company were abandoned. It would have included the last 2 Bionicle comics and a few Post-Journey's End stories.

Guides and others[edit]

  1. The Official Guide to Bionicle · Greg Farshtey · © 2003 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 978-0-439-50115-6 · The first guide to Bionicle, covering the story from the Toa Mata to the Seventh Toa.
  2. Bionicle: Metru Nui - City of Legends · Greg Farshtey · © 2004 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-60734-5 · The ultimate information source on the City of Legends.
  3. Bionicle: Rahi Beasts · Greg Farshtey and Jeff James · © 2005 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-69622-4 · A detailed description of the Rahi of the Bionicle universe, including the classic beasts of Mata Nui and the never before seen denizens of Metru Nui. Features winning entries from the Lego Club's Build-a-Rahi contest.
  4. Bionicle Encyclopedia · Greg Farshtey · © 2005 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-74561-6 · Includes entries covering places, objects, and characters from the beginning from the franchise through the middle of the 2005 story arc (roughly Bionicle Adventures #8). Also includes a short story, "Birth of a Dark Hunter".
  5. Bionicle: Dark Hunters · Greg Farshtey · © 2006 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 0-439-82803-1 · Features winning entries from the Lego Club's Build-a-Dark Hunter contest.
  6. Bionicle World · Greg Farshtey · © 2007 Scholastic Inc. · ISBN 978-0-439-78796-3 · Summary: To aid the Toa in their ongoing struggles, the Order of Mata Nui has assembled this Atlas. Artahka, Destral, Karzahni, Mahri Nui, Metru Nui, Xia, and Zakaz... are just some of the mysterious places of safety while others should be avoided at all costs. Explore the lands, learn their histories, dangers, and secrets...
  7. Bionicle Encyclopedia Second Edition · Greg Farshtey · An encyclopedic look at the entire Bionicle story line, featuring new and updated entries. Want to know more about the Piraka? They're all here. And what about Nidhiki or Makuta? The Toa? The Toa Inika? The city of Metru Nui? And the watery world of Mahri Nui? It's all here: everything you ever wanted to know—and some things you may never have asked. The answers to your questions are inside this book.
  8. Bionicle: Makuta's Guide to the Universe · Greg Farshtey · The vast Bionicle Universe comes together in this guidebook from creator Greg Farshtey! Featuring the only map of the Bionicle Universe ever published, exclusive information, and the inside story from Makuta Teridax himself, "Makuta's Guide to the Universe" is a great addition to any Bionicle fan's collection. As the Bionicle saga prepares to begin a new chapter, followers of the series can take a look back at the stories that have thrilled millions!
  9. Bionicle: Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna · Greg Farshtey · Mata Nui's Guide to Bara Magna takes BIONICLE fans on a journey of discovery through the villages of Bara Magna, its treacherous sea of sand, and its forbidding Black Spike Mountains. BIONICLE fans will get exclusive information on the Agori, Glatorian, bone hunters and Skrall, and get the inside story of events on this strange world in Mata Nui's own words. A brand new adventure is about to begin!


Bionicle/Bionicle: City of Legends[edit]

The first series of comics ran from 2001 to 2005. It followed the story of the Toa Mata/Nuva, and later, the Toa Metru/Toa Hordika. The first three issues were about the rise of the Toa Mata, illustrated by Carlos D'Anda. Randy Elliott took over starting in 2002, for issues 4-8, about the Bohrok invasion and the transformation of the Toa Mata into Toa Nuva. Issues 9-15 were about the Toa Nuva's battle with the Bohrok Kal and the Rahkshi. Then issue 16 started the Metru-Nui stories, later going into the Hordika starting with issue 22. The series ended on a cliffhanger with issue 27, with a teaser for the movie Web of Shadows which would conclude the story, and the new arc that would begin in 2006.


The Ignition series follows the 2006-2007 storyline. "Issue Zero" was a pull-out poster of Hakann and an interview with the new artist Stuart Sayger, hired for his "darker, edgier style." Issue 6 was online-only, later published in print by Papercutz with the rest of the series, and began the "Sea of Darkness" subseries for 2007. The series chronicled the Toa Inika's quest for the Mask of Life.

Battle for Power (the newly rebranded title of Ignition)[edit]

The Battle for Power subseries covered the 2008 storyline. It had a new artist, Leigh Gallagher. It had 4 issues.


The Glatorian series covers the 2009 story. The comic had a new artist, Pop Mhan. The series had 5 issues

Journey's End (the main title of the last 2 Glatorian issues)[edit]

The Journey's End subseries covers the final battle between Mata Nui and Makuta Teridax, and Mata Nui's efforts to reunite the 3 fragment of the once-glorious planet of Spherus Magna. The subseries kept Pop Mhan as the artist. The subseries had 2 issues.

Promotional comics[edit]

There have been several promotional comics. The first one was released with the Happy Meal at McDonald's. You would receive a promo Tohunga (later renamed Matoran, due to a conflict over the use of the maori language) and a comic. Later in 2002, Burger King's Big Kids Meal released 3 promo comics about the story of the Bohrok. In the spring of 2004, three promotional comics on the Morbuzakh saga were sold in Mega Lunchables. Some canister sets have had shortened mini-comic versions of the LEGO comics.


There are also several video games based on Bionicle.

  1. Lego Bionicle – released for Game Boy Advance in 2001; is also known as "Tales of the Tohunga" ("Tohunga" being an early word for "Matoran"). It acts as a prelude to the Bionicle saga, telling how Takua gathered the Toa stones and summoned the Toa Mata to Mata Nui. Unlike most games, it is considered canon.
  2. Mata Nui Online Game – released on the LEGO Bionicle website, it continues from Tales of the Tohunga and shows Takua going around Mata Nui and helping the villages. It is much beloved by older fans of Bionicle. The game was removed in 2003, and returned as a download in 2006 due to high demand.
  3. Mata Nui Online Game II – released on the LEGO Bionicle website, it is the sequel to the Mata Nui Online Game and takes place before and during the events of Bionicle: Mask of Light, in which you play as Hahli of Ga-Koro.
  4. Bionicle: Matoran Adventures – released for Game Boy Advance in 2002, you play as Matoran fighting against the Bohrok swarms.
  5. Bionicle: The Game – released for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, and Game Boy Advance in 2003; this is a video game adaptation of the first movie, Mask of Light.
  6. Bionicle: Maze of Shadows – released for Game Boy Advance in 2005, this game expands on the story of Bionicle Adventures #6: Maze of Shadows.
  7. Bionicle Heroes – was released for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Gamecube, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS in November 2006, with a Wii version released later in 2007. In the game you play as both the Toa Inika and the Piraka. It was produced by TT Games, the team behind the Lego Star Wars games.
  8. Bionicle: Mask of Creation – released for iOS devices in 2015.
  9. Bionicle: Mask of Control – released for iOS devices in 2016.

Canceled Bionicle Games[edit]

  1. Bionicle: Legends of Mata Nui was planned to be released for PC. It would have covered the events of the 2001 storyline. The player played as the Toa Mata exploring the island, using Kanohi masks and battling Rahi. 8 Beta disks were released to the public, but now they are very hard to find. Due to a programming error, the player couldn't advance from the first level, where you played as Onua. The game was canceled because of lack of budget and a huge amount of errors. Not much else is known about the game.
  2. Bionicle: City of Legends was a planned sequel to Bionicle: The Game, set for release in 2004. The players would presumably control the Toa Metru in the game. It was cancelled during some time in production because the developer, Argonaut Games, liquidated before its release; however, a small playable tech demo exists.

Trading Card Game[edit]

During the first year of the BIONICLE toyline, in 2001, McDonald's distributed packets of cards with their 'kids' meals. There were five cards in each one: four regular, and one holographic or "special" card. The packet came with a mini comic that had an instruction booklet telling the person how to play the game. There was another card game that was sold (instead of collected, like the above) which included a board along with other accessories to play the game.

In 2008 LEGO also distributed the "Phantoka Trading Card Game", which were given away for free in little packages which included about six trading cards with a picture and information of one of the Toa Nuva, Makuta, Av-Matoran or Shadow Matoran. The package also included one holographic card, which featured the combination of a Phantoka and a Matoran. The packages were given away for free in many toy stores in Europe if you bought a Phantoka set.

More Media[edit]

Besides the movies, books, comics, et cetera, there are other ways parts of the Bionicle Story have been told.

Reading Materials[edit]

The official Bionicle website had some information about parts of the Bionicle story. (Also, some of the comics mentioned earlier were available on the site.) There were also some biographies of some of the characters. (see External Links) had many sections with much information about the Bionicle story (Including characters, locations, and more). Among the offerings were podcasts, recorded by Bionicle writer Greg Farshtey, story serials, and "blog" chapters, which were each one or two pages of story text styled as a journal entry of one of the fictional Bionicle characters. were the "Story Serial" and "Blog" sections in the "Latest Story" area of the site,[6] and perhaps the "Story Details" section in the "Story Overview" area as well.[7]


The official Bionicle website has two downloadable MP3s (as well as two PDF files with the "lyrics" to the MP3s) that describe the rise the body of Mata Nui (a Bionicle Character) out of its slumber and Mata Nui's exile from his body when Makuta Teridax took it over.[8] has many podcasts available for download in the "Latest Story" area of the site that tell much of the Bionicle story.[9]


On the homepage for the official Bionicle website, there were a collection of audio recordings, called the Mata Nui Saga, that tell some of Mata Nui's story. Each one had a picture, text, and music with it. They were split into thirty-four "chapters."

There were also downloadable songs and other things on the website that were inspired by different sections of the Bionicle storyline.