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The BIOT is the British Indian Ocean Territory, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom situated in the Indian Ocean halfway between Africa and Indonesia.

Biot or BIOT may refer to:




  • Biot's breathing, an abnormal pattern of breathing characterized by groups of quick, shallow inspirations followed by regular or irregular periods of apnea; named after Camille Biot


  • Biot number, a dimensionless number used in heat transfer calculations, named after Jean-Baptiste Biot
  • Abampere, or biot, a unit of current, named after Jean-Baptiste Biot
  • Biot (crater), a lunar crater, named after Jean-Baptiste Biot



  • Biot, an electronic music (psychedelic trance) group that released a two albums Saturation in 1998 and Synthetic Organic in 2000; there was also Saturation Beta which featured some additional remixes that Saturation did not