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Bip or BIP may refer to:




  • Bip Roberts (born 1963), former Major League Baseball second baseman and outfielder
  • Boom Bip (21st century), producer and musician


  • Basis point
  • Bearer Independent Protocol, used for Over-the-Air access to USIM cards
  • Basic Imaging Profile, Bluetooth profile which is designed for sending images between devices and includes the ability to resize, and convert images to make them suitable for the receiving device
  • Binary integer programming, a special case of integer programming
  • Bit interface parity (parity bit), refers to parity protection on computer interfaces
  • BIP-8 (bit-interleaved parity 8), a method of error detection
  • bip!, a contactless smartcard fare system used in Transantiago and Metro de Santiago, in Santiago de Chile

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