Biquini Cavadão

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Biquini Cavadão
Biquini Cavadão (1) (14619121593).jpg
Bíquini Cavadão in 2007
Background information
Origin Brazil
Genres Rock, Pop Rock, Música popular brasileira (MBP), New Wave, Reggae Rock
Years active 1983–present
  • Bruno Gouveia
  • Carlos Coelho
  • Miguel Flores da Cunha
  • Álvaro Birita
Past members
  • Sheik
Biquini Cavadão

Biquini Cavadão is a Brazilian rock band formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1985. They are an influential 1980s band that still continues successful to this day.


In 1983 Bruno Gouveia, Alvaro Lopes, Miguel Flores and a few other friends decided to play together in a music festival. They were so successful that they decided to continue playing together and came up with the name Biquini Cavadão. Carlos Coelho soon joined the band and they began recording music.

In 1985, they recorded their first LP- Cidades em Torrente. They had sold 60 thousand copies after only a few months and began playing all over the country.

In 1987, they released the LP A Era de Incerteza and in 1989, they release their 3rd recording, .

In 1990, their remix of Bem Vindo put them back up on the charts in Rio de Janeiro. The following year they release Meu Rein, which gained success even before being released on the LP Descivilização.

In 1993, they participated in Hollywood Rock opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Alice in Chains. In 1994, O Melhor de Biquini Cavadão (The Best of Biquini Cavadao) was released with songs from their 9 years together. They spent 1995 touring to commemorate 10 years of playing in Brazil and the US. In 1996, they were the first band to have an official website in Brazil. They also released RockBook, the band's biography, in the same year.

In 1997, they began recording their next album During this time, O Melhor de Biquini Cavadão surpasses 100 thousand copies sold. Their recording company suggested that they wait until 1998 before releasing, which they do. In 1999, they toured in Portugal and became successful there.

They released their next album Escuta Aqui in 2000. They went on tour again and in October played their 1000th show. They also played in Rock in Rio 3 this year. Bass player, Sheik, left the band in 2000 and Patrick Laplan from Eskimo and Los Hermanos began playing with the band in shows and recording their albums.

The band continued playing many shows and 2005 marked 20 years together as a band. This same year Novo Millennium and Biquini Cavadão Ao Vivo were released. They are currently recording their next album which has the provisional name Só Quem Sonha Acordado Vê o Sol Nascer.



  • 2013 - Roda-Gigante
  • 2005 - Biquini Cavadão Ao Vivo
  • 2005 - Novo Millennium
  • 2001 - 80
  • 2001 - Box Set - Os primeiros 4 cds
  • 2001 - Sem Limite
  • 2000 - O Melhor de Biquini Cavadão e Capital Inicial
  • 2000 - Escuta Aqui
  • 1999 - Millennium
  • 1998 - Remixes
  • 1998 -
  • 1994 - Agora
  • 1994 - O Melhor do Biquini Cavadão
  • 1991 - Descivilização
  • 1989 -
  • 1987 - A Era da Incerteza
  • 1986 - Cidades em Torrente
  • 1985 - No Mundo da Lua
  • 1985 - Tédio

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