Bir el Ater

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Bir El Ater
بئر العاتر
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Bir El Ater is located in Algeria
Bir El Ater
Bir El Ater
Coordinates: 34°44′55″N 8°03′29″E / 34.74861°N 8.05806°E / 34.74861; 8.05806
Country  Algeria
Province Tébessa Province
Districts Bir El Ater
 • Total 588 sq mi (1,522 km2)
Population (2008)
 • Total 100,000
 • Density 170/sq mi (66/km2)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
Post code 12001

Bir el Ater (Arabic: بئر العاتر‎‎) is a city located in far eastern Algeria. It is located towards the border with Tunisia, around 87 kilometers south of Tebessa and just beyond the Sahara. The town has a population of approximately 100,000 inhabitants.

Bir el Ater is the type site of the Paleolithic Aterian industry. The term Aterian derives from el-Ater. This lithic culture lasted between 40000 – 20000 years BC.

It is now a mining city, located 15 km south of Bir El Ater. There are deposits of Djebel Onk Phosphates, the largest in Algeria which are extracted and shipped by train to Annaba a port, 300 km north on the Mediterranean or are used locally.

Historical population[1]
Year Population
1987 33,400
1998 53,200
2008 77,727
2010 100,000


Coordinates: 34°44′59″N 8°03′28″E / 34.74972°N 8.05778°E / 34.74972; 8.05778