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Biraul is the subdivisional headquarter of Biraul subdivision[1] consisting of six blocks of Darbhanga district in Bihar. The blocks are Biraul, Ghanshyampur, Gorabauram, Kiratpur, Kusheshwarsthan and Kusheshwarsthan east. This region covers the south-eastern part of Darbhanga district.

The headquarter's building is going to be constructed soon in Uchhati village Mauza area. A new road is going to be constructed to link Darbhanga and Saharsa near this headquarter. Biraul is also a railhead. A new rail line (36 km) has been constructed from Sakri junction to Biraul.[2] The line was inaugurated in 2008. Three passenger trains run on this line every 24 hours. There is a constituent college (J. K. College Biraul) here. There are two petrol pump stations here. There are two cinema halls here. There is an agricultural farm of the state government. There is a veterinary hospital here. There is a high school (Onkar High English School Supaul Bazar) here. One old government hospital is running here.Now thìs hospital is newly cònstructed.There are 26 village panchayats in Biraul block. There is an old middle school here.The suburban villages are Uchhati Hati Benk Balia Dumari Bangarahata Hanuman nagar.

A new road is going to be constructed from Hatikothi to Gandaul (13 km ). The Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has inaugurated this road and a bridge on Kamala river at Kothram recently. This road will be a part of Darbhanga- Saharsa road. After completion of this road the distance between Biraul and Saharsa will be only 40 km. At present this distance is more than 100 km. The distance between Darbhanga and Saharsa also will be only 86 km . The state high way 56 passes through Biraul. This road connects Darbhanga and Kusheshwasthan via Biraul.