Birbal Jha

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Birbal Jha
Born 1972
Sijaul, Bihar, India
Nationality Indian
Alma mater Patna University
Known for Founder British Lingua
and education in India

Birbal Jha (born 1972), is an Indian author and entrepreneur. In 1993 he founded British Lingua, an award-winning chain of English language schools.[1] Jha is currently the editor of Lingua Bulletin,[2] an English monthly magazine published from Delhi. He has also written a play.

Early life[edit]

Jha was born in 1972 in the village of Sijaul in Madhubani, India, where he received his basic education and schooling. He was awarded a PhD by Patna University.[3] He also has a master's degree in economics.[4]


In 1993 Jha established British Lingua, an English-language and soft skills training institution based in Delhi.[5] The school is designed to improve the English speaking skills of Indian citizens, including educators and teachers, as Jha feels that this improves their ability to find work.[6]


Birbal Jha training the Bihar Government High schoolteachers in Spoken English Skills and Capacity Building.

Jha has written over twenty books on the subjects of self-help and the English language, including Celebrate Your Life.[7] He has written columns in The Hindustan and Dainik Jagran, and in 2012 wrote the play Englishia Boli, which focused on the importance of English language learning.[8][9]

Social Work[edit]

1.Imparted Employabilty Skills to more than 30,000 Mahadalit Youth ( the poorest of the poor) in Bihar, a state of India.[10][11] 2. Launched the 'Save the Paag Campaign' for cultural development of Mithila and India.[12][13] 3. Provided Legal Aid to the victim Pradhyumn in Ryan's school murder case Gurugram, Haryana. [14][15][16] 4. Ensured the issuance of Indian Postal Stamp featuring Mithila Paag, by central government of India.[17][18][19] 5. Improved the life skills of thousands of students in India.[20]

Awards and Recognition[edit]

Paagman Award was conferred on Dr Jha for his cultural campaign in India. [21][22] The Youngest Living Legend of Mithila [23]

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