Birch Islands, Maine

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Lower Birch Island and Upper Birch Island
Birch Islands Maine (USGS 1904).jpg
Birch Islands from 1904 USGS map excerpt. Ripley Neck is to the west.
LocationAddison, Maine
Coordinates44°31′53″N 67°45′44″W / 44.5314°N 67.7621°W / 44.5314; -67.7621Coordinates: 44°31′53″N 67°45′44″W / 44.5314°N 67.7621°W / 44.5314; -67.7621

The Birch Islands are two islands in Pleasant Bay, Washington County, Maine, United States. The islands, Upper and Lower Birch, are connected at low tide.[1]

The islands are privately owned, with only one residence. They are part of the Town of Addison.[2]

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  2. ^ Dell, Kristina (February 29, 2008). "Your Own Private Island". Time (magazine). Retrieved July 8, 2010.

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