Birch Memorial Clock Tower

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Coordinates: 4°35′48.6″N 101°04′34.0″E / 4.596833°N 101.076111°E / 4.596833; 101.076111

Birch Memorial Clock Tower
Menara Jam Peringatan Birch
Birch Memorial Clocktower.JPG
General information
TypeClock tower
LocationIpoh, Kita, Perak, Malaysia

The Birch Memorial Clock Tower (Malay: Menara Jam Peringatan Birch) is a clock tower in Ipoh, Kinta District, Perak, Malaysia.[1][2]


The clock tower was constructed to commemorate James W. W. Birch, the first British Resident of the state of Perak and unveiled in 1909 at a cost of $25,000.


The clock tower is located in a square with a portrait bust and four panels illustrative of the growth of civilization. It has a mother bell and four smaller bells which used to strike the chimes.

The growth of civilization[edit]

There are four panels each one of the depicting the exponents of the different stages of civilization [3]:

Panel A (North)

The stone age:

A Hunter, A Fisherman, A Woman spinning.

The iron age:

A man and a woman

The Early Eastern Peoples :

A Nubian with gold and ivory, A Chaldean Astrologer, A Woman making pottery, An Egyptian, An Assyrian, A Persian.

Panel B (West)

The Eastern Mediterranean:

Moses, David, A Phoenician, A woman representing the Agean civilization.

The Far East:

Confucius, Buddha, Lao Tzu.

Greece and Rome:

A woman representing Greek Art, Alexander the Great, Plato, Augustus.

Panel C (South)

The Byzantine Empire:

Constantine the Great.



The Age of Chivalry:

A Crusader.

The Age of Faith:

Saint Clare of Assisi

Gothic Art:

Saint Thomas Aquinas

The Renaissance:

Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Vittoria Colonna, Columbus.

The Reformation:

Martin Luther.

The Elizabethan Age:

William Shakespeare.

Panel D (East)

Modern Science, Art and Social Services:

Isaac Newton, William Harvey, James Watt, An unnamed Embroiderer, Beethoven, Robert Stephenson, Louis Daguerre, Florence Nightingale, Charles Darwin, Thomas Alva Edison, Joseph Lister.

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