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There are eight garages for storage and maintenance of buses of the Toronto Transit Commission in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


Arrow Rd[edit]

Arrow Road Garage operates a number of routes throughout North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan, and small portions of Old Toronto, and services Orion VII Diesels, Orion VII NG hybrids, the new Novabus LFSs and Novabus LFS Artics.

  • Address: 700 Arrow Road
  • Opened: 1988
  • Facility: Bus garage


Birchmount Garage is one of three bus facilities in Scarborough and is located at Birchmount & Danforth Roads. The garage operates many routes in East York, eastern portion of Toronto such as East Danforth, Markham, and Scarborough neighborhoods of Birch Cliff, Bendale, Clairlea, Cliffside and Kennedy Park). It services Orion VIIs and Orion VII NGs.

  • Address: 400 Danforth Road
  • Opened: 1956
  • Facilities: A 89,500 square feet (8,310 m2) garage, 2 wash racks, 2 fueling stations, 4 inspection pit stations, 10 40-foot (12.192 m) hoists, and 1 UWE heating system for storage outdoors.


Eglinton Bus Garage

The Eglinton Bus Garage[1] is located at Comstock Rd & Lebovic Rd. The current garage opened in 2002, replacing the old Eglinton Garage located at Yonge and Eglinton (now used as a permanent bus terminal for Eglinton Station) and the Danforth Garage. The garage services the TTC's Orion VIIs, along with the new Novabus LFS series buses; these are the first buses to be delivered with the LFLRV Livery.

  • Address: 38 Comstock Road
  • Opened: 2002
  • Facility: Bus garage


Wheel-Trans vehicles at Lakeshore

Lakeshore Garage supports the TTC Wheel-Trans fleet of ELF, Friendly Buses and Orion II Community buses. Lakeshore opened in 1980 as the main garage for Gray Coach Lines, which moved out in 1991 following the sale of Gray Coach Lines to Stagecoach Holdings. From 1991 onwards the facility has been occupied by Wheel-Trans.

  • Address: 580 Commissioners Street
  • Opened: 1980
  • Facility: bus garage


Malvern Complex in Scarborough

Malvern Garage is a bus garage servicing vehicles in the Malvern Division. The garage operates some routes in north and eastern Scarborough and Markham such as Agincourt, L'Amoreaux, Malvern, Milliken, Ontario and the east half of North York (Bayview Woods – Steeles and Newtonbrook). It services Orion VII Hybrids, Orion VII NG hybrids, and the new Novabus LFS Artics. During peak periods approximately 230 buses from the garage are in revenue service.[2]

  • Address: 5050 Sheppard Avenue East
  • Opened: 1983
  • Facility: bus garage

Mount Dennis[edit]

Buses on lifts at Mt Dennis Garage

Mount Dennis Garage, the newest of the TTC's garages, opened on 23 November 2008 (after sitting empty for a year). The facility covers routes for west and central Toronto. It services Orion VII Hybrids, Orion VII NG hybrids, and Novabus LFS Artics. During peak periods approximately 230 buses from the garage are in revenue service.[2]

  • Address: 121 Industry Street
  • Opened: 2008
  • Facility: bus garage and maintenance facility


Queensway Garage is the major facility for Etobicoke and services Orion VIIs and Novabus LFSs. The garage operates some routes mainly in Etobicoke such as Alderwood, Mimico, New Toronto, Rexdale and Thistletown as well as the west half of Old Toronto. During peak periods approximately 150 buses from the garage are in revenue service.[2]

  • Address: 400 Evans Avenue, Etobicoke
  • Opened: 1966
  • Facility: bus garage


Wilson Bus Garage viewed from a southbound train, facing west

The Wilson Complex is the largest bus facility and second largest subway yard in the system. The garage serviced the TTC fleet of natural gas powered buses before they were scrapped or converted to Diesel operation. Wilson services Orion VII NG hybrids, Orion VII NGs diesels, Orion VII EPA10s, and the new Novabus LFS Artics 3rd/4th Gen. This garage operates the most surface routes in the TTC network (the role previously taken by New Eglinton), it operates many of the largest routes throughout Central Toronto, North York, York, Old Toronto, Vaughan and few in East York and Scarborough.



The McNicoll Garage will have indoor storage for 250 buses with facilities to fuel and clean buses.[3]

  • Address: McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough, east side of Kennedy Road
  • Facility: bus garage


  • Danforth Carhouse and Bus Garage (1921–2002) - converted to storage and office space
  • Davenport Bus Garage (1930–1992) - within the Hillcrest Complex
  • Eglinton Carhouse and Bus Garage (1921–2002) - bus garage converted to a (temporary) bus terminal at Eglinton station
  • Lansdowne Carhouse and Bus Garage (1921–1996) - demolished
  • Parkdale Bus Garage (1947–1980) - demolished and now Sorauren Avenue Park
  • Sherbourne Bus Garage (1930–1980) - demolished
  • St. Clair Carhouse (1913–1996) - partially demolished and converted to Wychwood Barns (a community centre and urban park)
  • Woodbine Bus Garage (1954–1956) - demolished
  • George Street Yard (1894?-1960s) - annex for Sherbourne Garage and used to store and scrap streetcars; located at 170 The Esplanade East; now part of David Crombie Park built along with the St. Lawrence housing project (built between 1960s to1990s)
  • 165 Front Street East - Built 1886-1887 for Toronto Street Railway near St Lawrence Market as horse stables and became electrical generating plant 1891 after horsecar converted to electric car operations by Toronto Railway Company; later as storage space 1906 and acquired by TTC in 1921; used until 1924 and deemed surplus in 1970s; sold to Young People's Theatre 1977