Bird Islands (Nunavut)

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For other places with the same name, see Bird Island.
Bird Islands
Bird Islands is located in Nunavut
Bird Islands
Bird Islands
Location in Nunavut
Location Northern Canada
Coordinates 66°22′59″N 083°13′00″W / 66.38306°N 83.21667°W / 66.38306; -83.21667 (Bird Islands)Coordinates: 66°22′59″N 083°13′00″W / 66.38306°N 83.21667°W / 66.38306; -83.21667 (Bird Islands)
Territory Nunavut
Region Qikiqtaaluk
Population Uninhabited

The uninhabited Bird Islands are located in Foxe Basin, closer to the Melville Peninsula than to Baffin Island. They are part of the Qikiqtaaluk Region, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut.[1]


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