Bird Woman Falls

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Bird Woman Falls
Bird Woman Falls NPS.jpg
Bird Woman Falls is located in Montana
Bird Woman Falls
Location Glacier National Park, Montana, U.S.
Coordinates 48°42′29″N 113°44′51″W / 48.7080303°N 113.7476163°W / 48.7080303; -113.7476163Coordinates: 48°42′29″N 113°44′51″W / 48.7080303°N 113.7476163°W / 48.7080303; -113.7476163[1]
Type Horsetail[2]
Total height 960 feet (290 m)
Number of drops 2
Longest drop 560 feet (170 m)
Average width 100 feet (30 m)
Watercourse Tributary of Logan Creek
The Bird Woman Falls seen from the Going-to-the-Sun Road

Bird Woman Falls is a 560 feet (170 m)[2] waterfall located immediately west of the continental divide in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States. The falls are readily visible from a distance of two miles (3.2 km) along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, which bisects the park east to west. The falls are fed by snowfields and a remnant glacier located on the north and west flanks of Mount Oberlin. The falls flow is greatest in late spring and early summer and has been known to almost cease flowing in the autumn.


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