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Information boards at Broome Bird Observatory, Western Australia

A bird observatory is a centre for the study of bird migration and bird populations. They are usually focused on local birds, but may also include interest in far-flung areas. Most bird observatories are small operations with a limited staff, many volunteers and a not-for-profit educational status. Many bird observatories conduct bird ringing or bird banding (term in the United States).



Britain and Ireland[edit]

The United Kingdom's first bird observatory was established in 1933 by Ronald Lockley in the Welsh island of Skokholm. This is a list of members of the Bird Observatories Council of Britain and Ireland.[1]


Observatories belonging to the Canadian Migration Monitoring Network:

  • Holiday Beach Migration Observatory
  • Rocky Point Bird Observatory
  • Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory
  • Mackenzie, British Columbia|Mackenzie Nature Observatory (
  • Lesser Slave Lake Bird Observatory
  • Beaverhill Bird Observatory
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Last Mountain Bird Observatory
  • Delta Marsh Bird Observatory
  • Thunder Cape Bird Observatory
  • Whitefish Point Bird Observatory
  • Long Point Bird Observatory
  • Haldimand County, Ontario|Haldimand Bird Observatory
  • Toronto Bird Observatory
  • Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory
  • Innis Point Bird Observatory
  • Observatoire d'oiseaux de Tadoussac
  • Point Lepreau
  • Brier Island Bird Migration Research Station
  • Atlantic Bird Observatory
  • Gros Morne National Migration Monitoring Station
  • Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory
  • St. Andrews Banding Station
  • McGill Bird Observatory / Observatoire d'Oiseaux de McGill

Costa Rica[edit]

Czech Republic[edit]








  • Manu Bird Observatory[3]


  • Falsterbo Bird Observatory[4]


United States[edit]


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