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Birdengine / Lawry Tilbury
Lawry Joseph Tilbury in haunted house number seven.JPG
Tilbury in a haunted house, Puddletown 2011.
Background information
Birth name Lawry Joseph Tilbury
Born 1980
Dorset, England
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Experimental, freak folk, pop
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, musician,
Instruments Guitar, vocals
Years active 2005 (2005)— present
Labels Benbecula Records, Drift Records, Bleeding Heart Records, Thee Evil Twin

Lawry Joseph Tilbury (born 1980), also known as Birdengine, is an English musician and singer-songwriter from Winterbourne Steepleton, Dorset.[1]


In 2005, Tilbury released his debut EP Birdengine, a collection of experimental tape melodies, on the now defunct Scottish label Benbecula Records. The self-produced EP was hailed as "the first relevant work of freak-folktronica" by Stylus Magazine.[2][3][4][5] An animated music video for the track Thoughts of A Falling Glass Man was created by BAFTA winning production company Sherbet.[6][7][8]

Another EP Early 4-track recordings (2006) was released on Benbecula, with several reviewers noting Tilbury's "natural talent for story telling".[9][10]

In 2007, Independent label Drift Records released I Fed Thee Rabbit Water, a mini-album of wandering folk songs which garnered Tilbury praise for his stark nylon guitar playing,[11] and deadpan humour "There's not likely to be a more arresting opening couplet to an album this year":[12]

I spent the Summer cutting Heads off Dogs,
I spent the Winter trying to sew them back on[13]
- Heads Off Dogs, I Fed Thee Rabbit Water

He has been noted in his local newspaper for his distinct combination of unusual falsetto harmonies,[14] 2009 saw Tilbury self-release, then quickly disappear, an EP of new material titled Black Dictaphone through the Birdengine MySpace page, though re-worked versions of some songs would eventually appear on later releases.

Tilbury spent the next year at producer David Ringland's[15] home studio in Hove, recording songs to a 16 track reel-to-reel tape player. These sessions culminated in the debut full-length LP The Crooked Mile and a later EP I Like Totally Do Not Understand Or Whatever, released in 2011 by Lynch(ed) Recording[16] and A Beard of Snails Records[17] respectively. The Crooked Mile garnered widely positive reviews, and was described by Uncut as " a waltz for the dead – the results are unmistakable and unsettling.",[18] and by The Quietus as "Outsider Music, riddled with themes of alienation and a sense of not belonging; an outcast even among the freaks".[19]

In a 2012 interview Tilbury stated he is working on "what will likely be my last album as Birdengine",[20] indicating a collaborative project to be a new beginning.

In 2014 Tilbury interviewed ex-midlake frontman and songwriter Tim Smith for Folk Radio UK.[21]

In April 2015 Tilbury announced via his Tumblr blog [22] that Birdengine is 'no more', hinting towards other creative mediums.

In July 2015 Tilbury released a collection of Birdengine demos via his bandcamp page available to download for free under the title 'DEATHBED FOOTAGE COMMITTEE'.

Style and performance[edit]

Tilbury regards his style as being more akin to that of outsider music, stating that "Lyrically, my music engages with the idea of not belonging to society and the senses of alienation that accompany feeling as though you are an outsider.".[23] He has often responded to the label of folk music by citing the famous Louis Armstrong quote; '"All music is folk music, I ain't never heard no horse sing a song"'.

Birdengine's live performances have been described as "both unnerving and intriguing in equal measures",[11] having "strange and compelling beauty"[24] and a "bizarre, yet deeply likeable tone".[14]

Additionally, Tilbury frequently collaborates with friend and artist Daniel Michael Clark – together releasing the experimental album Trunk (2008) on Indie label Woodland Recordings (under the moniker "Mortis Tobias"),[25] as well as occasionally performing live.[26] Other Birdengine collaborators include Brighton musicians Samuel Collins[27] and Kristin McClement.[28]



Year Title Format Label
2005 Birdengine EP 12" Benbecula Records
2006 Early 4 Track Recordings EP CD Benbecula Records
2007 I Fed Thee Rabbit Water CD Drift Records
2008 Trunk (credited as 'Mortis Tobias & Clara Kindle') CD-r Woodland Recordings
2009 Black Dictaphone EP CD-r (TET001) Thee Evil Twin
2010 The Crooked Mile (Unmastered) File, MP3 (TET002) Thee Evil Twin
Folk Radio UK Session File, MP3 (FRUKIE #5) Folk Radio UK
2011 No Arms And No Friends / Ghost Club 7" Double A Side Lynch(ed) Recordings
I Like Totally Do Not Understand Or Whatever EP 3" CD-r A Beard of Snails Records
The Crooked Mile CD, Download Bleeding Heart Recordings
2015 DEATHBED FOOTAGE COMMITTEE Free Download[29] Thee Evil Twin


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