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Birding World
Birding World cover (March 2011).jpg
March 2011 cover
Editor Steve Gantlett
Categories Birdwatching
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bird Information Service
Year founded 1987
Final issue January 2014
Country United Kingdom
Based in Cley next the Sea, Norfolk
Language English
ISSN 0969-6024

Birding World was a monthly birding magazine published in the United Kingdom. It is the magazine of the Bird Information Service, based at Cley next the Sea, Norfolk. With the publication of issue No. 26/12 in January 2014, Birding World magazine ceased publication.[1][2]

History and profile[edit]

Originally published in 1987[3] as Twitching volume 1, the magazine underwent a name-change, to its present name, 1988 (also resetting its volume count back to 1).[2] The editor is Steve Gantlett, and the assistant editor Richard Millington.

It is aimed at birders with an interest in the occurrence and identification of rare birds in the United Kingdom and the Western Palearctic. It also covers birding-related material from around the globe.

The range of material published includes:

  • papers on bird identification, often including proposed new identification characters for difficult groups of taxa
  • news articles on rare birds in Britain and elsewhere in the Western Palearctic

Significant articles published include:

In 2004, its circulation was estimated at 4000 copies.[4]

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