Bird Garden of Isfahan

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Bird Garden of Isfahan
Birds Garden of Isfahan 16.JPG
Date opened 1990s
Location Isfahan, Iran
Coordinates 32°38′27″N 51°36′34″E / 32.64083°N 51.60944°E / 32.64083; 51.60944Coordinates: 32°38′27″N 51°36′34″E / 32.64083°N 51.60944°E / 32.64083; 51.60944
Land area 17000
No. of animals 5000 birds
No. of species 130[1]
Major exhibits different species of birds from different parts of Iran and other countries

The Bird Garden of Isfahan was founded in 1998 by the municipality of Isfahan and it is now under the supervision of the recreation and welfare organization of the municipality. The garden has an area of 17000 .[2] It's enclosed and covered by a chain-link fence pitched on 16 moveable metal pillars with a height of up to 32 m. More than 5000 birds from 130 different species are kept in the garden. The birds are native to different parts of Iran and also other countries like Australia, Indonesia, China, and Tanzania.[3]

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