Birds of Prey (video game)

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Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey Cover.jpg
Cover art of Birds of Prey
Developer(s) Argonaut Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Engine BRender
Platform(s) Amiga, MS-DOS
  • EU: 1991
Genre(s) Flight simulation
Mode(s) Single-player

Birds of Prey is a 1992 flight simulator for the Amiga and IBM PC by Argonaut Games. It features a wide variety of NATO and Warsaw Pact aircraft and their respective ordnance as well as 12 different mission profiles. The entire game environment takes place on a vast dynamic map that consists of several land areas separated by the sea. The game plot revolves around a military conflict between two sides that have three air bases and two aircraft carriers each.[1]


Computer Gaming World offered two opinions of Birds of Prey. One criticized the game's lack of realism and flawed targeting, while the other favorably cited the wide variety of aircraft and recommended it to action-oriented flight gamers.[2]


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