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Birdseye, Birds Eye or Bird's Eye may refer to:

Art and media[edit]



Chili peppers[edit]

  • Bird's eye chili, a cultivar of the species Capsicum annuum, commonly found in Southeast Asia
  • Bird's eye, or Capsicum annuum var. glabriusculum, native to southern North America and northern South America
  • African bird's eye chili, also known as piri piri, a cultivar of Capsicum frutescens
  • Filipino bird's eye, another name for siling labuyo, a cultivar of Capsicum frutescens native to the Philippines

Other flora[edit]


  • Clarence Birdseye (1886–1956), considered the founder of the modern frozen food industry, and the "Birds Eye" frozen food brand
  • Sylvia Birdseye (1902–1962), first woman to hold a commercial bus driving licence in South Australia
  • Tom Birdseye (born 1951), American children's author