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Coordinates: 64°10.007′N 21°40.714′W / 64.166783°N 21.678567°W / 64.166783; -21.678567

Sundlaugin (Icelandic pronunciation: ​[ˈsʏntløijɪn], the swimming pool) is a recording studio located near Álafoss, in the town of Mosfellsbær in Iceland. It was converted from a drained, abandoned swimming pool built in the 1930s and adjacent buildings.[1] It is owned by the post-rock band Sigur Rós.[2]

The band originally intended to record their third album, entitled ( ), in an abandoned NATO tracking base in the northernmost mountain in Iceland, but after inspection decided it was too impractical. Shortly after they found the abandoned pool lot in a rural neighborhood in Mosfellsbær. They bought the lot and transformed it into a studio. In order to fit the massive mixing console into the building, part of the roof was opened up and the console was lowered with a crane.[3]

Much of the band's photography and artwork is taken from the surrounding landscape, such as the art found on the first album recorded in the studio, ( ).[4]

The recording studio has also been used for recording, mixing and mastering (usually assisted by the studio's sound engineer Birgir Jón "Biggi" Birgisson) by a wide group of other, mainly Icelandic, artists including[5] Agent Fresco, The Album Leaf, Alcest, amiina,[2] Amusement Parks on Fire,[6] Andŕum,[7] Beneath, Benni Hemm Hemm,[8] Bubbi Morthens, For a Minor Reflection, Jakobínarína, Julianna Barwick,[9] Kira Kira,[10] Mugison,[2] Múm,[11] Ólöf Arnalds,[12] Pétur Ben,[13] Retro Stefson, Trevor Geir, Self Defense Family, Ske, Slowblow,[14] Steindór Andersen, and Storsveit Nix Noltes.


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