Birkat HaBayit

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Birkat HaBayit (Hebrew: ברכת הבית, Birkat HaBayit or Birkath HabBayith in Classical Hebrew‎‎, meaning Blessing for the Home) is a Jewish prayer often inscribed on wall plaques or hamsas and featured at the entrance of some Jewish homes. There are various versions of the prayer.


Hebrew Transliteration English Translation
ברכת הבית:
בזה השער לא יבוא צער.
בזאת הדירה לא תבוא צרה.
בזאת הדלת לא תבוא בהלה.
בזאת המחלקה לא תבוא מחלוקת.
בזה המקום תהי ברכה ושלום.

Birkat habayit:
Bezeh haššshaˁar lo yavo tzaˁar.
Bezot haddirah lo tavo tzarah.
Bezot haddelet lo tavo bahalah.
Bezot hammaḥlaqah lo tavo maḥloqet.
Bezeh hammaqom tehi b'rakhah v'shšalom.

Blessing for the home:
Let no sadness come through this gate.
Let no trouble come to this dwelling.
Let no fear come through this door.
Let no conflict be in this place.
Let this home be filled with the blessing of joy and peace.

In the home, the Birkat Habayit blessing is traditionally hung on the wall next to the front door or next to a window. It is meant to drive any evil spirits out of the house and protect the occupants within. Besides bringing a blessing upon your house, variations from around the world are also seen as brilliant works of art.