Birmingham All Saints (UK Parliament constituency)

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Birmingham All Saints
Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
19551974 (1974)
Number of members One
Replaced by Birmingham Ladywood
Created from Birmingham Ladywood and Birmingham Handsworth

Birmingham All Saints was a parliamentary constituency in the city of Birmingham, which returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Elections were held using the first-past-the-post voting system.

The constituency was created in 1955 and abolished in 1974.


The County Borough of Birmingham wards of All Saints', Rotton Park, and Soho.

Before this seat's creation in 1955 the area (part of the city of Birmingham in the geographic county of Warwickshire) was divided between Birmingham Ladywood (All Saints' and Rotton Park wards) and Birmingham Handsworth (Soho ward).

The seat was located in the west of the central part of the city, within its boundaries in 1955. To the west was Smethwick, to the north Birmingham Handsworth, to the east Birmingham Ladywood and to the south Birmingham Edgbaston.

In the 1974 redistribution, this constituency disappeared. The three wards which had comprised the seat were added to Ladywood ward to form the redrawn Birmingham Ladywood constituency; this seat's last MP, Labour's Brian Walden, contested and won the new Ladywood seat.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party
1955 Denis Howell Labour
1959 John Hollingworth Conservative
1964 Brian Walden Labour
Feb 1974 constituency abolished

Election results[edit]

Explanatory notes:-

  • The votes figure in the 'Turnout' box is the number of registered electors.
  • No swing figure is calculated unless the same two parties are in first and second place in both the present and the last election. Swing is the average of the party % vote change between the pair of elections. A positive swing is towards Conservative and a negative swing is towards Labour.
General Election 1955: Birmingham All Saints
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Denis Herbert Howell 18,867 51.8 N/A
Conservative Francis J Williams 17,560 48.2 N/A
Majority 1,307 3.6 N/A
Turnout 51,562 70.6 N/A
Labour gain from new seat Swing N/A
General Election 1959: Birmingham All Saints
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative John Harold Hollingworth 17,235 50.0 +1.8
Labour Denis Herbert Howell 17,215 50.0 -1.8
Majority 20 0.0 N/A
Turnout 48,611 70.9 +0.3
Conservative gain from Labour Swing +1.8
General Election 1964: Birmingham All Saints
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Brian Walden 14,975 50.8 +0.8
Conservative John Harold Hollingworth 14,505 49.2 -0.8
Majority 470 1.6 N/A
Turnout 44,594 66.1 -4.8
Labour gain from Conservative Swing -0.8
General Election 1966: Birmingham All Saints
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Brian Walden 16,350 58.5 +7.7
Conservative John Harold Hollingworth 11,595 41.5 -7.7
Majority 4,755 17.0 +15.4
Turnout 42,896 65.1 -1.0
Labour hold Swing -7.7
General Election 1970: Birmingham All Saints
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Brian Walden 12,041 54.5 -4.0
Conservative John Harold Hollingworth 7,762 35.2 -6.3
Liberal D.G. Minnis 2,271 10.3 +10.3
Majority 4,279 19.3 +2.3
Turnout 36,290 60.8 -4.3
Labour hold Swing -5.15

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