Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

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Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park
Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park.jpg
Entrance in 2014
Date opened 1974 (1974)
Location Birmingham, England
Coordinates 52°27′02″N 1°54′38″W / 52.450498°N 1.910430°W / 52.450498; -1.910430Coordinates: 52°27′02″N 1°54′38″W / 52.450498°N 1.910430°W / 52.450498; -1.910430
Annual visitors 1,450
Memberships EAZA[1]

Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park (formerly Birmingham Nature Centre, and before that Birmingham Zoo) is a small zoo on the edge of Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham, England. It is managed by Birmingham City Council.


The zoo features mainly small mammals. Its occupants include:

Red pandas[edit]

A red panda at the centre

The nature centre used to have a pair of male red pandas. However these have been re-housed as part of the national breeding program. Ming Ming is visiting a female red panda in the Welsh Mountain Zoo.


Babu is a red panda who disappeared from the nature centre in November 2005 and spent four days "on the loose" before being discovered. Nature centre staff believe he was blown out of a tree and found himself outside his enclosure. His disappearance and the citywide panda hunt that ensued made national headlines. After being discovered by a dog-walker in Moseley, Babu was dramatically reunited with his brother Tensing live on Midlands Today.[2][3][4][5]


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