Birougou National Park

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Birougou National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Birougou National Park
Map showing the location of Birougou National Park
Coordinates1°46′S 12°16′E / 1.767°S 12.267°E / -1.767; 12.267Coordinates: 1°46′S 12°16′E / 1.767°S 12.267°E / -1.767; 12.267
Area690 km2 (270 sq mi)[1]
Governing bodyNational Agency for National Parks
Official nameSite Ramsar des Monts Birougou
Designated2 February 2007
Reference no.1654[2]

Birougou National Park, also known as the Monts Birougou Wetlands, is a national park in central Gabon. It contains extremely dense rain forest in the Chaillu Mountains and is one of the two parks where the endemic sun-tailed guenon,[3] a monkey first described in 1988, can be found. It is named after Mount Birougou,1°50′17″S 12°19′01″E / 1.83816°S 12.31702°E / -1.83816; 12.31702, 975 metres in altitude, one of the highest peaks in the country.

Due to its purported universal cultural and natural significance, it was added onto the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 20, 2005.[4] Portions of the park have been designated as a Ramsar site since 2007.[2]


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