Birthplace of Pope Alexander VI

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Coordinates: 38°59′19.99″N 0°30′58.58″W / 38.9888861°N 0.5162722°W / 38.9888861; -0.5162722

Natal house of Alexander VI, in Xàtiva (Valencia)
Square of the natal house of Alexander VI

The natal house of the Pope Alexander VI is located in Xàtiva (Valencia, Spain).[1]

It is a small urban palace, where the Pope Alexander VI was born and lived in the Kingdom of Valencia, Spain. According to the tradition, at the number 5 of the old square of Aldomar, currently Alexander VI Square, was the birthplace of Rodrigo de Borja.

From the original house where Alexander VI was born is preserved the façade, with wide dovelaje door and inside a flattened arch of ionic columns.

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