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Бирюлька (Russian)
-  Rural locality[1]  -
Map of Russia - Irkutsk Oblast (2008-03).svg
Location of Irkutsk Oblast in Russia
Biryulka is located in Irkutsk Oblast
Location of Biryulka in Irkutsk Oblast
Coordinates: 53°50′21″N 106°23′39″E / 53.83917°N 106.39417°E / 53.83917; 106.39417Coordinates: 53°50′21″N 106°23′39″E / 53.83917°N 106.39417°E / 53.83917; 106.39417
Administrative status (as of 2011)
Country Russia
Federal subject Irkutsk Oblast
Administrative district Kachugsky District[1]
Municipal status (as of December 2004)
Municipal district Kachugsky Municipal District[2]
Rural settlement Biryulskoye Rural Settlement[2]
Administrative center of Biryulskoye Rural Settlement[2]
Time zone IRKT (UTC+08:00)[3]
Founded 1668[4]
Postal code(s)[5] 666220
Dialing code(s) +7 39540[6]
Ice bridge in the selo of Biryulka Ледовая переправа через Лену в селе Бирюлька
Coordinates 53°52′11″N 106°19′58″E / 53.8697°N 106.3328°E / 53.8697; 106.3328Coordinates: 53°52′11″N 106°19′58″E / 53.8697°N 106.3328°E / 53.8697; 106.3328
Carries Automotive, foot
Crosses Lena River
Locale Biryulka, Kachugsky District, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia
Design Ice platform[7]
Material Ice[7]
Piers in water 0[7]
Load limit 20 tonnes[7]
Clearance above 0[7]
Opened Every winter[7]
Closed Every spring
Lena River from a source to Kachug
Anonymous lake
Uhta 2nd
Uhta 1st
Anai River
Chanchur River
Kurungui River
Maliy Tarel
Ice bridge
Birulka River
Bolshoi Kosogol
R 148
Bolshiye Goly
IsetR 148

Biryulka (Russian: Бирю́лька) is a rural locality (a selo) in Kachugsky District of Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, located on the Lena River near its headwaters northwest of Lake Baikal.


Biryulka is named after the small Bira River, the name of which in turn comes from an Evenk word.


In 1688, sixteen peasant families settled here.[4] The founders were Stepan Alexandrovich and Mikhail Kostyakov. The Yakutsk stavlenik Onichkov allocated them an average of 1 arpent (0.34 ha) per family. It seems that seven of these families were exiles and nine were of freed serfs. The population increased quickly through natural increase and immigration. Other villages developed in the area around Biryulka. Biryulskaya Volost, subordinate to Yakutsk, was eventually established.[4] In 1696, the inhabitants of Biryulka staged a revolt led by Pavel Khaletsky.[8]

At the beginning of the 20th century, well-known archeologist Alexey Okladnikov went to school here, but later moved to the selo of Anga where he finished secondary school in 1925.[8][9] One of the streets in Biryulka is named after him.

One of the battles of the Great Siberian Ice March, a retreat of the White Army east across Lake Baikal, took place near Biryulka in 1920.[10]

A number of inhabitants were arrested during the Great Purge.[11]


Municipally, Biryulka is the administrative center of the Biryulskoye Rural Settlement in Kachugsky Municipal District, the head of which is Tatyana Sergeyeva, of the United Russia party who was elected in October 2009.[12]

Economy and infrastructure[edit]

Biryulka is well known for the manufacture of shallow-draft river boats called shitiks, which have been used on the upper Lena for centuries.[13]

Near Biryulka is the archaeological site of Mokrushinsky burial ground. Work has been conducted since the 1980s, in part by students and archeologists.[14]

In 2006, a volunteer fire department was organized with its own fire-engine and a water tower.[15]

In winter, there is a winter road with an ice-bridge across the Lena River. This is the uppermost crossing of the Lena.[7]


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