Bis (magazine)

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Categories Teenage girl lifestyle
Year founded 2001
Company Kobunsha
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Bis is a magazine directed at teenaged schoolgirls, published in Japan by Kobunsha. JJ Bis had changed its title to Bis effective from the January 2006 issue. JJ Bis, former title of Bis, has been established in 2001 as an extra issue of monthly JJ, and JJ Bis is currently supported among Japanese high-teen girls. The ages of the readers of Bis are between 15 and 19, included senior high-school students.

Bis proposes its readers dress conservatively, as does JJ. Currently Bis possesses plenty of professional fashion models, however, they are not necessarily models under exclusive contract with Bis. Bis is indicated whether models are under exclusive contract or not.

Jun Hasegawa and Hitomi Mukai are typical of successful Bis models. Bis is a version of JJ magazine for a younger audience.

As of today, Bis magazine is out of print.


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