Olivia Hime

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Olivia Hime
Birth name Maria Olivia Leuenroth Hime
Born (1943-06-25)June 25, 1943
Origin Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Olivia Hime (born June 25, 1943 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a singer and lyricist. Olivia is also the co-owner and musical manager of the record label Biscoito Fino. In 2005, the song “Cancao Transparente”, composed by Olivia and her husband, the famous pianist and composer Francis Hime, was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Brazilian Song.[1]


  • Palavra de Guerra Ao Vivo — CD & DVD (2008)
  • Palavras de Guerra (2007)
  • Canção Transparente (2004)
  • Mar de Algodão (2002)
  • Olivia Hime canta Chiquinha Gonzaga — Serenata de Uma Mulher (2002)
  • Alta Madrugada (1997)
  • Estrela da Vida Inteira (1987)
  • O Fio da Meada (1985)
  • Máscara (1983)
  • Segredo do meu coração (1982)
  • Olivia Hime (1981)