Biscuit (game)

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Genre(s) Drinking
Players 3+
Playing time Based on # of players and random chance

Biscuit (also referred to as Bizkit or Biskit) is a drinking game played with two dice.


Steps of play[edit]

Finding the Biscuit

Each player rolls the dice one time. The first person who makes a "7" (4+3 / 5+2 / 6+1 ) becomes the biscuit.

The "Biscuit" rolls the dice
Drinks are dispensed based on the pips shown on dice
The dice pass to the next player clockwise around the table

Roll results[edit]


Everyone take a drink


Roller has to invent a rule which will be applied for the rest of the game. The non respect of this rule will result to a drink.

2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 (doubles)

Roller gives drinks to one or several players. ex. a 5-5 would mean the roller hands out 5 drinks

1-2 (total of 3)

Called a "challenge". Roller chooses a player, that player must roll the dice. Add the result of each dice. The first roller has to make a higher result. If the first roller wins, the chosen player has to drink the difference between the 2 results. If the first roller failed, he has to drink the difference between the 2 results.

1-6 2-5 3-4 (total of 7)

All players put a thumb on their forehead and say "Biscuit". Last player to do so drinks and becomes the new "Biscuit".

3-6 4-5 (total of 9)

Person to right of roller drinks

4-6 (total of 10)

Roller drinks

5-6 (total of 11)

Person to left of roller drinks

The number 3

When the number "3" appears on the dice, the actual "Biscuit" has to take a drink. (If the dice show 3-3, the "Biscuit" has to take 2 drinks.) If the "Biscuit" does the number "3", his status of "Biscuit" is removed until another "Biscuit" is selected.