Biscuit roll

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Biscuit roll
Barquillos opened pack with label.jpg
Alternative namesCrispy biscuit roll, crisp biscuit roll, cookie roll, love letter
Place of originEurope, Asia
Biscuit roll
Chinese name
Literal meaningegg roll
Vietnamese name
Vietnamesebánh quế
Malay name
Malaykuih kapit
Filipino name

The biscuit roll, crispy biscuit roll, egg roll, crisp biscuit roll, cookie roll or love letter is a type of biscuit snack commonly found in many parts of Asia, South America, and Spain. It is crunchy and can be easily broken into pieces.


The Chinese name for this snack, "蛋卷", can be directly translated into English as "egg roll". However, the food item known in the West as egg roll is very different.

The Spanish name "barquillo", comes from the ancient tradition of heating the biscuits in convex or boat shape molds, being "barco" the spanish for boat.


In Hong Kong, biscuit rolls are made of wheat flour, butter, egg, sugar, and vanilla flavour.[1] The New Territories is one of the places that manufacturers biscuit rolls.

It is called barquillos in the Philippines and is commonly sold in souvenir shops or delicacy stores all over towns, cities, and highways along the provinces.

They are also found in Uruguay and Spain with the name barquillos, the name for the barquillo vendor is barquillero, in Madrid they are commonly sold by street vendors dressed in the traditional "chulapo" regional attire.

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